Landing a Job in San Francisco

I wanted a job, really bad. Years of studying had to pay off. So I got some advice from career services, packed my bags, and hopped on a plane to San Francisco. With 4 informational interviews scheduled, I intended to make the most of my trip.

For two days I met with four firms while eating lunch, and drinking coffee, lots of coffee. I met with recruiters and staff from each firm and enjoyed viewing each of their offices. After both days I flew back home with the hope that my visit would secure me an interview. Little did I know that in a few weeks I would return to the Bay Area for a second round interview, and the chance for a full time offer.

After securing a few first round interviews, I received a second round interview opportunity from Frank Rimerman. They invited me to their Palo Alto office where I would have multiple interviews with staff, partners, and recruiters. The experience was incredible, from meeting with staff to talking about a partner’s career, I started to see why I had heard so many good things about Frank Rimerman. The following week, I returned home and a little later I received an offer. It didn’t take me long to accept as I fell in love with the bay area, Frank Rimerman, and the people that work there.

This spring as I graduate, I’ll have one attitude: San Francisco here I come.


Trevor Haynes
Masters of Accounting Student, 2013


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A young entrepreneur from the age of 12 I was born in a small but lively neighborhood in a city called Gresham. At a very early age I was fascinated in almost every facet of life, including but not limited to particle physics, business, and the art of surfing stock market waves among others. Now I reside in a liberal town called Eugene where I seek to help those who are less fortunate in the realms of knowledge, wisdom, and domination. In short, I help everyone. If you need help, contact me at: 503-I NEED TREVOR