Deep Dive into Responsible Corporate Governance

Summer Internship: Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) Research Analyst, Parnassus Investments
Oregon MBA Affiliation: Center for Sustainable Business Practices, Financial and Securities Analysis Center

I worked as an Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) Research Analyst at Parnassus Investments this summer. ESG is a refreshing approach to investing. Traditional valuation focuses primarily on a potential investment’s return (e.g. profit). However, some asset managers, like Parnassus Investments, integrate ESG factors into their investment philosophy and risk evaluation process. Every investment company has a different investment philosophy and success rate; I chose Parnassus Investments for my summer internship because of its strong track record.

I had the privilege of working on several fascinating projects, backed up by an incredible team of smart and supportive thinkers. I enjoyed my work, which was diverse and challenging. Some days I researched the ESG performance of public companies. Other days I analyzed proxy voting policies and records. My executive compensation literature review was another stimulating project; modern executive compensation packages are quite complex and hard to gauge.

I feel privileged to have done great work, with great people, at a great company. It was meaningful for me to live and work my values. I came to business school with the belief that despite the recent news coverage against business, there are new ways of doing business that are a part of the solution rather than part of the problem contributing to society’s problems. I support the idea of triple bottom line businesses (people, planet, profit) instead of a narrow-minded focus on only profit, and this internship gave me the opportunity to put this attitude into action. It was a rich experience to be part of the ESG and socially responsible investing movement and be part of a company that deeply cherishes doing business the right way.

— Grace Chang, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, Class of 2013

Written by UO Business

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