Prologue Gratitude

Looking at the hordes of students wandering around campus serves as a reminder that Prologue (and all delicious food it came with) is over. Thanks to an intensive, jam-packed and rewarding two weeks, the newest cohort at the OMBA program could not be more ready to begin the newest chapter of our lives. In addition to equipping us with the knowledge to transition properly into an MBA program, Prologue gave this years’ first years an incredible opportunity to get to know each other well before tackling this transition. To Rebecca Monro, Lori Abrams, Perri McGee, Holly Coble, James Chang, Jessica Best, our other professors, staff and volunteers: thank you for taking the time to make our lives THAT much easier. Refresher courses in accounting and statistics were probably not on everyone’s wish list, but they are currently invaluable as each and everyone of us continues our re-adjustment to thinking like a student. Thank you for conducting resume and professionalism workshops with us, so that we don’t have to learn MBA conduct by making a mistake first. Thanks for introducing us to our peers and alumni well before class, for teaching us how to work in a team and most importantly, for teaching us proper water fight etiquette on the perilous (a.k.a frigid) waters of the McKenzie River.

As a result, we are that much better prepared for the rigors of a graduate business program. Not only educationally or professionally, but with the comfort and relationships between our newfound peers made possible through two weeks of Prologue. If the frequency of questions concerning our two weeks (from 2nd years, faculty & staff) is any indicator, it is that Prologue means a lot to LCB and that its significance will continue to grow. Reflecting on these two jam-packed weeks reveals that it served a tremendous purpose in bringing our class (and our future network) together. Even though the individual goals of this network vary, our desire for success is collective and Prologue allowed for us to attack this objective as a cohort from the get-go. The logistics and stress behind moving to a new city and enrolling in post-graduate education are tough enough on their own – I’d hate to have had to add 36 awkward introductions on day 1 to that list. Once again, a big thanks to everyone who made this year’s Prologue possible, we look forward to witnessing bigger and better ones in the future!

Go Ducks!

-Ron Li, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, Class of 2014

Written by Andrew White

Andrew is an MBA Candidate in the Center for Sustainable Business Practices. A native of Massachusetts, he came to UO to refine his business skills and build his expertise in the sustainability arena. His primary interest is in helping organizations implement environmentally and socially sustainable strategies for long-term success, and he is a regular participant on many of the MBA intramural sports teams.