Warsaw Center & Nike N7 team up for NAYA Field Day

Naya’s mission is to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education. WARSAW worked with nearly one hundred high school students during the Nike N7 field day.

Throughout the day, students were able to participate in a number of American sports ranging from football and basketball to lacrosse and golf. There were also a few Native American games the students were able to play, such as: shinny and hot rocks. Anthony Newman, a Duck Alum and past NFL player was able to spend all day with the kids inspiring them to work harder and understand the importance of a team.

At the end of the day two students (one female and one male) were chosen for the spirit award. Attributes had to consist of, cheering on their teammates, never giving up and taking on a leadership role when needed. The students were not aware of this award and yet, a handful were strong contenders when it came time to choose.

When the day was completed and the students had gone home, teachers at NAYA made sure Nike N7 and the WARSAW Sports Business students knew the impact they just had. The teachers expressed how a handful of students who participated in the field day had never participated in physical activity before. They assured us we were not only inspirational to the students but eye opening as well. WARSAW along with Nike N7, was able to create a day were students wanted to come to school and work together with their classmates. All in all, it was an inspiring experience that the WARSAW Sports Marketing students will never be able to forget.

–Katie Bartholomew, ’13
Journalism Major

Written by UO Business

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