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I spent the first half of my summer studying abroad at Reims Management School in Reims, France.  Reims is northeast of Paris and about 45 minutes away by high speed train (TGV).  The city is also known as the “Champagne Capital” of France.  I took four classes over four weeks: International Corporate Strategy, Sustainable Development, Strategic Marketing and Luxury Brand Management.  The classes were all day and company visits were also scheduled as part of the class.  I visited the Smart Car factory, CHAMTOR (produce gluten) and Moet & Chandon.

The class format was typical of MBA classes – a lot of reading and group work.  The mix of students in my classes was very diverse and it was a good opportunity to meet and work with people from around the world.  There were students from Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Thailand and Japan.  I was the only American in the group, which really surprised me.  Everyone spoke English though, since that was a requirement of the program, and the only way I was able to take classes in France.

The format of the summer program was really nice, in that all class work was completed during the week, so our weekends were free until a new class started on Monday.  I took advantage of these and went to Paris, traveled the Route de la Champagne and had a mini European road trip that included Luxembourg, Trier (Germany) and the Normandy beaches.

After classes finished at the end of July, I took the opportunity be the cliché 20-something backpacker through Europe.  My travels have taken me to the French and Swiss Alps, Italy (Cinque Terre, Rome, Florence & Venice), Germany (Bavaria, Romantic Road, Rhine River Valley & Berlin) and the Czech Republic (Prague).  This has been the longest time that I have ever traveled on my own, but Europe is full of friendly people and I’ve shared many drinks and meals with people from around the world.

I’ve had a great summer of traveling and am looking forward to ending the summer in China and meeting up with my MBA classmates.

– Tiffany Yep

Sustainable Business Practices
University of Oregon
MBA Candidate 2012

Written by UO Business

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