Five Takeaways from Meeting with Lewis Johnson

Five Takeaways from Meeting with Lewis Johnson







By Jaycie Schenone

Yesterday, Lewis Johnson a sideline reporter for Pac-12 Network, NBA on TNT, and NBC visited the UO AWSM Chapter. Johnson shared his journey from a walk-on track athlete at the University of Cincinnati to a nine-time consecutive NBC correspondent at the Olympics. Some key takeaways from the meeting:

  1. Making connections makes you a better journalist. The people you cover, whether athletes or not, have a story to share. In order for them to trust you with their story, you need to make authentic relationships.
  2. If you’re in this industry for the right reasons, it will reward you. There will inevitably be hard times but as long as you follow your path, work hard, and be persistent good things will happen.
  3. Are you in control of your technology or is your technology in control of you? Social media isn’t going to get you a job but human interactions will. Look people in the eye when they are speaking with you and give them a firm hand shake. First impressions matter.
  4. As a journalist, it’s important to know when to be quiet. The story isn’t about you, it’s about your subject. When an incredible moment arises let it speak for itself. Ask simple questions that will spark the subject.
  5. Explore the world. Meet people with a different background than yourself.

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