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Program Summary

The Unified Communications (UC) program is a complex initiative that will span over five years across the University of Oregon (UO) campus that deploys and integrates a major communications infrastructure. This initiative is driven by the need to replace the existing campus telephone (voice) system scheduled by January 31, 2021. The new voice system, including hardware and software deployment (such as, IP phones or soft phones, call centers, etc.) is scheduled to be replaced within the 3 year timeframe. As part of the communications infrastructure, implementation of collaboration toolsets and applications will complete the fully integrated system within the expected 5 year timeframe.

Since an earlier incarnation of the existing voice system was installed in 1989, the communication needs of the campus community have changed dramatically.  Email and other electronic messaging systems have taken the forefront, students are increasingly focused on technology alternatives to voice communications, and video and chat-based conferencing is being incorporated into business processes.  Nevertheless, there remain many critical areas on campus which are dependent on reliable telephone communications for daily business interactions, conference services, support functions, and safety compliance requirements.

The UC program is led by Information Services (IS) to replace the campus voice system and realign communications tools provided campus-wide with those that meet the current and anticipated needs of the UO community.

Program Goals / Milestones

Program Goals / Milestones Timeline