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Small Project Grants

Small Project Grants for Faculty and Graduates

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue is pleased to announce the 2010 Small Project Grant awards to the following recipients:

Faculty Projects:

Evlyn Gould, Romance Languages, Sounds of the Sephardim

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, East Asian Languages and Literatures, The maternal language of social control: a cross-cultural perspective

David Leiwei Li, English, The Shanghai Exposition 2010: Culture and Commerce between Communism and Capitalism

Carol Silverman, Anthropology, Gypsy Heritage on Display: The European Romani Cultural Route

Graduate Student Projects:

Amanda Peacher, Journalism and Environmental Studies, The Place of the Turle: Can ecotourism and sea turtles co-exist on the Mayan Riviera?

Abra Cohen, Conflict and Dispute Resolution, How to Support the Humans Rights of Migrant Workers, Trafficked, and Refugees in the State of Israel

Alexander Ginsburg, Geography and Planning, Public Policy, and Management, Climate Change and Culture Change in Salluit, QC

Haidee Copeland, Special Education and Clinical Sciences, Promoting Social Competency in Teens with Asperger’s Syndrome

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue offers small project grants available for faculty (up to $500) and graduates (up to $250) to support research in the field of intercultural dialogue. Awards will be made for the following purposes: travel to conferences to present papers; travel to library, museum and archival collections; research materials and expenses related to collaborative projects.

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue supports research that takes interdisciplinary approaches to transcultural studies and interreligious dialogue as a means to promote peace. CID considers “intercultural dialogue” a broad field with multiple approaches, and thus encourages applicants from all disciplines. Applicants who engage in collaborative research, focus on UNESCO-related issues, develop work with another UNESCO Chair from the Network on Interreligious Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding, or propose projects in conjunction with CID’s upcoming “Prisons and Peace” initiative are encouraged to apply.

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