Lab Director

Vsevolod Kapatsinski, PhD

GE DIGITAL CAMERAResearch interests: Everything usage-based but mostly morpho-phonology and the lexicon.

For more details, on past and present projects, see here

Graduate Researchers

Zara Harmon

Paul Olejarczuk

Amy Smolek

Hideko Teruya

Faculty collaborators

Gabriela Caballero, UCSD Linguistics

Kaori Idemaru, UO East Asian Languages & Literatures

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, UO East Asian Languages & Literatures

Eric Pederson, UO Linguistics

Melissa Redford, UO Linguistics

Cynthia Vakareliyska, UO Linguistics

Graduate collaborators

Ogyoung Lee (Speech & Language Lab)

Matthew Stave (Discourse & Cognition Lab)

Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya (Discourse & Cognition Lab)

Lab Alumni

Danielle Barth (Australian National University)