Read Our Latest Organomettalics Paper!

Check out our latest addition to creating diverse, novel, and easy-to-make phosphines with this recent article!

Accepted into Organometallics: An Improved Synthetic Route to Heteroleptic Alkyl-Phosphine Oxides!!

Our latest phosphine synthesis paper just got accepted to Organometallics!  Making phosphines just got easier (a lot easier!). Alex Kendall, Dan Seidenkranz, and David...

Tyler Lab at Philly!

The Tyler lab was just recently in Philadelphia for the 252nd ACS National Meeting. Entrance into the 252nd ACS National Meeting. Shelby and Justin...

Update: Radical Cage Effects and Microviscosity

Read The Tyler Lab’s recent publication without a subscription!  ACS AuthorChoice allows for open access viewing:

Radical Cage effects published in JACS!

Check out the Tyler Lab’s latest publication at:

Dr. Alex Kendall Walks In Graduation

Dr. Alex Kendall holds his daughter Petra alongside current Tyler lab member Justin Barry.  Alex’s brother Steven and son Tristan are seen in the...

REU student Shelby Schettler from Slippery Rock, PA

Our 2016 summer REU student, Shelby Schuttler,  was featured in an article at her home school Slippery Rock University. Check out the article at:

Macrocycle Published In Dalton!

Check out our most recent publication here

Dr. Kendall publishes in Inorganic Chemistry!

Dr. Alexander J. Kendall investigates steric and electronic effects from Buchwald-type ligands with some surprising results!

Read the Film Shear Paper (limited time only!)

Interested in reading our recent film shear paper? Don’t have access to Elsevier?  Click the link below to access the letter free of charge...