About TPUG

TPUG is an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the economics of and public policies towards the transportation and public utilities industries.

The association’s members conduct work in surface and air transportation, electronic communications, energy, as well as water and sewerage. Whereas the notion of public utilities has undergone significant changes in the past decades, the industries covered by TPUG nevertheless share important common theoretical and public policy problems.

Most importantly, they all belong to the class of network-based industries. The international trend towards privatization, restructuring, and re-regulation of these sectors has demonstrated the challenges of successful sector restructuring. At the same time, it has created a real world laboratory for the exploration of the interplay between regulatory design, corporate strategy, and sector performance.

TPUG facilitates cutting edge research in these areas. This is achieved through its annual conference in association with the American Economic Association, its activities at international, national, and regional economic meetings, as well as the exchange of research results among its members.