Distinguished Members

In 1964, the chair-elect was instructed “… to appoint a committee to study plans for honoring Transportation and Public Utility Group members who have made significant contributions to the field and to the Transportation and Public Utilities Group during their careers.” The committee’s conclusions and recommendations provided for the recognition of past achievements of individuals who have enjoyed full, distinguished careers. This precedent was reaffirmed in the spring of 1973 by ballot vote of the membership.

As a result of this directive, awards of recognition have been made since 1965. In four of these years, two or more awards were presented. Recipients include: James C. Bonbright, Martin G. Glaeser, D. Philip Locklin, Dudley F. Pegrum, E. Grosvenor Plowman, Ben Lewis, Kent Healy, Marvin L. Fair, Joseph Rose, John Frederick, James C. Nelson, Robert W. Harbeson, Eli W. Clemens, C. Emery Troxel, James R. Nelson, Beatrice Aitchison, Horace M. Gray, L. L. Waters, Alfred E. Kahn, Charles A. Taff, Ernest W. Williams, Jr., William Vickrey (Nobel Laureate), Wilfred Owen, William H. Thompson, Roy J. Sampson, John F. Due, Merrill Roberts, Harry M. Trebing, Martin T. Farris, Robert D. Pashek, George W. Wilson, John Hazard, Donald V. Harper, James E. Suelflow, David S. Schwartz, John C. Spychalski, Edythe Miller, Douglas N. Jones, Curtis A. Cramer, William Waters III, William G. Shepherd, John Meyer, Charles F. Phillips, Jr., Ken Small, Rodney E. Stevenson, Trevor Heaver, William H. Melody, Steven A. Morrison (2003), Eli M. Noam (2004), Daniel McFadden (2005), Tae Oum and William Dodge (2007, Post Humously), Clifford Winston (2009), Michael Crew (2010), Kenneth Button (2011), Theodore Keeler (2012), Roger Noll (2012), William Sharkey (2013)and Wesley W. Wilson (2013), Peter Loeb (2014), David Sappington (2015), David Gillen (2016), Jeffrey P. Cohen (2017), Patrick McCarthy (2018), Frank A. Wolak (2019)