Company Branding Questions

1. What is your organization or company. Give background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

Alibaba Group is a international internet company that was created by Chinese.

Alibaba Group founded by the English teacher Jack Ma led the other 17 people in 1999. He want to create  a business-to-business portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers.

2. What do they do or make – describe the products and services and what makes them unique.

Since its inception, the Group has established a leading consumer e-commerce, online payments, B2B online marketplace and cloud computing business, in recent years a more positive development in the area of wireless applications, mobile operating systems and Internet TV.

Companies and affiliated entities:

international marketplace ( was  leading small business e-commerce platform, designed to create English-based, cross-border trade platform between any two countries, and to help the world’s small enterprises to expand overseas markets.

Taobao Marketplace( really good example and can shows why the Alibaba is an unique company)is China’s largest consumer-to-consumer online shopping platform. Taobao’s growth was attributed to offering free registration and commission-free transactions using a free third-party payment platform. Every 11 November, is the biggest online shopping promotion activity, in the past 2 years about the 11 November, Taobao’s total sales exceeded 1 trillion yuan (USD 160 billion), this year(2014) Taobao launched the free world shipping policy.

Tmall: is China’s leading B2C shopping site platform, committed to providing quality online shopping experience. More than 70,000 international and local brands have opened official flagship store on the day the cat, including Uniqlo, L’Oreal, adidas, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Gap, Ray-Ban, Nike, Levi’s.

3. Describe the culture of the organization or company. What is the work environment like – the atmosphere? What is the building like – exterior/interior,  architecture, fittings and furniture? How do the employees work together? What are the jobs and roles of individuals? How are they treated by management?

Alibaba Group and affiliated entities  based on a common mission, vision and value system, the establishment of a strong corporate culture, as the cornerstone of our business. Their business depends on  success and rapid growth of entrepreneurship and innovation respected and consistent attention and satisfy customer needs.

New employees joined Alibaba Group when required to attend a comprehensive induction training headquarters in Hangzhou,  the course focuses on the company’s mission, vision and values. No matter what stage the company’s growth, which is a strong common values ​​so that we can maintain a consistent corporate culture.

Alibaba Group also want to create the highest happiness index of business for employees.

4. Who is the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

Many internet user, small  businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers.  Provide a platform to let them work together.

5. What is the organization or company mission statement?

Promote openness, transparency, sharing, responsibility of the new commercial civilization

In the traditional business world, companies only independent individual, which is in order to maximize gets the profits, and only in specific ways to interact with suppliers and customers. They  believe that the Internet is rewriting the rules . Internet  promote the flow of information that small businesses around the world can collaborate in real time, provide the opportunity and has been in charge of large enterprises in line with the market. They believes that the Internet can help SMEs to resolve their long-standing problems in the procurement, sales, management and financing, and to let them through online collaboration, along with large enterprises enjoy the benefits of economies of scale.

Alibaba Group is working with small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers to work together, through the Internet and their multiple platforms, and jointly promote the new commercial civilization, advocates enterprises open to new ideas, improve operational transparency, active sharing of knowledge and information, as well as responsible for key stakeholders.

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