Maggie Head, Graduate Student

Maggie grew up in Northern California and received her B.S. in Psychology (emphasis: Women and Gender Studies) from Santa Clara University. During her time at Santa Clara University, she was involved in social, health, and affect psychology research. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she completed her MSc in Psychology at Western University of Canada, where she studied intersectionality and eating disorders. Maggie is a PhD student in Prevention Science and is excited to be part of a field that encourages community partnership and science communication. In general, her research focuses on the development and prevention of disordered eating among marginalized populations. Specifically, she is interested in the relationships between internalized oppression, ethnic and weight-based discrimination, and eating behaviors among individuals historically overlooked in eating disorder research (e.g., higher weight individuals, Women of Color). Outside of school, she is passionate about trail running, petting dogs, reading Jane Austen novels and Health At Every SizeĀ® advocacy.