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June 10, 2013

To My Replacement- What it’s like to be a Student Marketing Assistant.

Caitlin Estes is a 2013 graduate, with a B.S. in Public Relations.

I worked as a Student Marketing Assistant in Knight Library from November 2012- June 2013. As a Public Relations student, this seemed like a great compliment to the internship I already had with Verve Northwest Communications (now merged into Turell Group, where I am delighted to say I’ll be working this summer), and it was. While working at the library I had a pretty wide variety of tasks, and I learned a lot about the UO library system as well as campus as a whole.

I was in charge of the UO Libraries Facebook and Twitter pages, posting announcements of upcoming events, reminding students of library services, and making time-relevant posts (“Best wishes on finals!” etc.). We started an Instagram account in February and I was the main photographer; photos that were shared to Facebook were some of our most popular posts.

Social media aside, one of my main tasks was delivering/posting event posters all over campus. Ranging from the Duck Store to the Global Scholars Hall, I saw parts of campus I’d never had reason to discover before and fell even more in love with this school. Willamette Hall just might be my favorite building on campus (behind Allen Hall, of course), and if you’ve never gone inside you ought to- it feels like walking in to a cathedral. There are sculptures scattered all through campus, and when flowers were blooming it was a joy to take posters out. I got lost plenty of times, but after a few expeditions of delivering posters I learned the most efficient route.

The library website has a news section announcing upcoming lectures, events, and other library news. I learned that public lectures can be really entertaining, and voluntarily went to a few that I learned about through this job. I highly recommend that every student tries to find a lecture or two that sounds interesting! You’ll like it more than you expect, and gain some new-to-you knowledge to share. Occasionally I wrote reviews of the events I attended, or I would simply produce a news item with information given to me ahead of time.

Every day I updated what content was on the news page to make sure old events weren’t still showing, and kept a record in a spreadsheet of when different types of news items were posted.

There were a number of other, smaller jobs in this position. In all I had a great time as a marketing assistant and I learned a lot about my own writing style, the UO, and our library system. I’d recommend this job to any student in the SOJC, although Public Relations students might be the best fit because of the social media aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed working here. Whoever takes my place will have fun in the position, learning all about the University of Oregon and its library system.

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