Organization Questions


*Note: We have since changed the way our organization is being implemented. Edits are on the bottom of this page*

1. What is your organization or company. Give background history including who, when, and why it was founded.

Three Space Arts (3SA) is an arts organization serving marginalized communities in Eugene for over 10 years. The organization was founded by graduate students in the AAD program. It was founded to create a third space, not home or work, for visual arts programming and events.

2. What do they do or make – describe the products and services and what makes them unique.

We offer a venue for immigrant populations to come and share their cultural heritage through performing arts. We also want to serve as an available resource for planning special events and expressive cultural programming.

3. Describe the culture of the organization or company. What is the work environment like – the atmosphere? What is the building like – exterior/interior, architecture, fittings and furniture? How do the employees work together? What are the jobs and roles of individuals? How are they treated by management?

The culture of the organization is transparent and inclusive. We strive for a health work environment that focus on consensus decision making. The building is a huge open space with several rooms reserved for classes. It fits the modern, yet classical approach in architecture featuring lots of windows for natural light, high ceilings in the lobby way and is retrofitted with kitchen space so that those who need to make meals have access to these resources. The furniture conveys a cozy feel while also practical sense of tables and chairs necessary for holding workshops. We hope to serve as a space people can feel safe and warm when they visit.

The jobs and roles are varied throughout the center. There is the executive director, program manager, fundraising/marketing coordinator and office manager (usually an intern) and contracted visual artists/instructors who help lead the workshops and events in 3SA.

The executive director oversees the operations of the organization and making sure we are staying aligned to the overall mission statement, vision and goals of 3SA. The program manager focuses on organizing all the programming at 3Sa. Our fundraising/marketing coordinator ensures that we spread public awareness and outreach to our targeted demographic and have interactive and engaging fundraising opportunities to expand and build more in years to come. Our office manager is helpful with checking folks in and holding space for the center and serves as the first person who the community engages with upon entering the space.

4. Who is the targeted audience? What are their demographics?

3SA is designed to focus on immigrant communities in the Eugene area.

5. What is the organization or company mission statement?

Third Space Arts serves as a community venue for performance and display of heritage art that promotes expressive culture among immigrant populations in Eugene, Oregon.
Our vision is to act as a hub that is openly accessible for engagement, entertainment and education in promoting cultural dialogue.
*We believe participating in art for arts sake, art should be fun and exploratory!
*We value inclusivity and accessibility as a core value.
*We value cultural dialogue that springs from the experience of art and the intersection of many cultures.
*We believe that art promotes a sense of community that should be available for everyone who comes in contact with it.
*Everyone should have an open invitation to experience and appreciate the art of other cultures.
-Be the go-to community space for immigrant populations for events, performances and community engagement.
-Engage in multi-generational programming to increase accessibility for all ages.
-To give exposure to traditional heritage art.
-To offer dynamic and relevant programming based on the interests of our community.
-Put on performances (plays, dance recitals, story telling, music) for the entire community of Eugene to enjoy.
-Provide low cost rentals for community engagement events (weddings, special events)
-Offer low cost or free admission to some events
-To staff our organization with people who are directly connected to the populations we are serving (partnering)
-To have a strong volunteer-based outreach team consisting of members of the immigrant populations that serves as a bridge to gain exposure for the organization.

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