Reflecting back on what I have learned and what I continue to learn through the various channels that persist to be a factor in how I think, this class has been a great building block to knowledge that I have gained through several of my undergraduate courses.  Expanding on branding through the branding guidelines and formal presentation of the standards was a great exercise in professional interfacing.  I feel like I have met my goal of better understanding corporate identity.  Learning about various forms of media outlets has increased my knowledge of what the future may look like and what to expect future companies to want as part of their collateral and marketing scheme.  I enjoyed learning about marketing strategies, as that is a huge interest of mine, and how to utilize the various forms of guerrilla marketing for surprising moments!  Communication was the essential tool in this class, and knowing how to visually display what a company wants to say through the framework of the media spectrum, like graphic standards and guerrilla tactics, is invaluable information.

On a side note, I liked the case study assignment (and am excited to work with it in the future) and how it influenced and reinforced the way I approach other businesses.  I think the history of a company is just as important as the company itself; the tradition and the authenticity are written in a company’s history, and it is important for that information to be reflected in the collateral and vision.  For my case study on Northwest Door & Sash, researching the company was one of the best ways to understand where the company came from, where it is going, and what it is made of.  I am more apt to support a company with genuine interest in its field and clientele.  I know this may be difficult on a daily basis, but knowing the background of a company allows for a greater appreciation of local or nation companies, and creates a relationship and expectation between a bigger business and the people it serves.