Northwest Door and Sash

The media channels that Northwest Door and Sash draw on are mostly two-dimensional imagery showcasing their craftsmanship.  They have an array of hand drawn illustrations on their website showing the different types of windows and doors.  The illustrations are two toned and very accurate.  They show the inner workings of the mechanisms they use as well as the entire outfit.  More illustrations show what the window can look like with different panes within the size frame of the window and/or door.  There are downloadable PDF’s available of drawings and architectural resources.

Full color photos are also available on the website and show their products actually installed at some residential locations.  These inform the viewer of what kinds of custom made products they offer and what they look like at an existing home setting.

They also, as with most companies, have an enlightening website telling the viewer what to expect from the company.  There is a neat page on the site that shows what each type of translucent wood coating will look like over a piece of raw wood; they utilize technology by providing an interactive example of their product.  This is a very cut and dry website, no prancing around the subject, just product and business.  They get right to the point, and it is actually very refreshing to interface with a website that is not trying to promote some sort of excitement to keep the viewer interested.  This website is understandable, clear, and concise.

They do not have any commercials or advertisements.  Nor any televised videos or blogs.  They are a traditional word of mouth company, with clients seeking them out.  Phone and fax numbers, mailbox, and email as well.  The company showcases some of its talents at an annual PCBC show in Portland, and set up a little booth distributing information on their windows and doors.  PCBC connects the homebuilding industry with the ideas and development.  The show features projects and products from building materials to new home technologies.