Trend(s): Always reminds me of a line graph.  And then how people say that things are trending right now, like it’s something to say about something that’s ‘hot’.  “We’re trending.”  Trends are the things that are above par in a society, the things that stand out; a style.  It can be a product, fashion, food, a demographic.  Trends indicate market value, how consumers respond to an environment.  It helps measure and keep track of that market value, which will tell investors and CEOs what products to keep producing and which ones to halt.  Trend research can have a huge impact on markets.

Access:  Access is the means by which you enter, either physically or mentally or digitally.  Access is a green word, a go word.  It has an aura or admittance as if from a higher power.  It also means to evaluate.  Just kidding, assess would accompany that meaning; they are homonyms.

Culture: We are surrounded by culture.  Culture is multi-dimensional and spans history, combining past, present and future and ideas.  We can describe culture as an area, or more intangible, such as, the culture of hip-hop.  It is what makes up certain areas and places and can be taken with you or left behind.

Consumer: What markets are geared for.  A consumer is someone who buys something, someone who can potentially be swayed by marketing techniques, and whom the markets try to persuade.  It’s like when companies say, “The customer is always right.”  A consumer is similar to a customer.  The demographics of how consumers spend money and time are very important for industries to measure.  These industries will then form an analysis of these trends and market wares accordingly.