Upcoming Workshops

Fundamentals of Fundraising*

Tuesday, February 20th
3:00-5:00 PM in the Hult Center Studio

Presenter: Rebecca Sprinson (Executive Director, Eugene Education Foundation)

*Presented by Lane Arts Council (sponsored by UO School of Music and Dance)

How to Compose for Commercial Media

Presenters: Ehren Ebbage, Scott Reinwand, and Chris Dampier

Ever wonder about the music that you hear on advertising, television, and film productions? Who writes this music, and how does the industry work? In this workshop, our panelists will explain what you need to know about licensing, royalties, and the ins and outs of composing for commercial media. 

Tuesday, February 20th
6:00-8:00 PM in Room 140

How to Run a Private Music Studio

Presenter: Sonja Reynolds

Running your private studio is like running your own business. In this clinic, horn pedagogue Sonja Reynolds will give helpful tips for how to build and structure a music studio, including best business and teaching practices for music educators and private music teachers.

Sponsored by the Eastman Music Company

Friday, March 16th
­­­2:00-3:00 PM in Room 163

Coming up in Spring 2018!

Panel: “How to Pursue a Career in Orchestra” – Oregon Symphony Musicians

“How to Build Your Audience” – Mark Samples

Residency: “How to Make it in the Music Industry” – Film composer Philip Giffin and studio singer Karen Blake

“Going Pro – Building a 21st Century Career in Music” – Richard Smith

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