Advertising and Digital Technology

Two weeks ago, I took part in an advertising major students program, which called “NYC Trip 2014”, in School of Journalism and Communication. We visited different advertising agencies and museums in New York. What I saw in the top ad agencies reflected the topic “Art, Technology & Game” of this week.

After reading Jones’ article, I agree with him that today’s daily life is affected by computing, even heavily affected by computing. In the “Recent and Contemporary Computer Graphics” section, he mentions, “Practical and professional communities of advertising, entertainment, publishing, telecommunications, business, finance, education, and medicine have joined the academic, scientific and artistic communities in using this medium” (26). Computer graphics has changed the ways of communicating and interpreting new media. When I was in New York, I went to several digital advertising agencies such as StrawberryFrog and ROKKAN. Most of their works are produced and presented in a digital way. They also make print and television ads, but digital channels has became the most important direction for these newly born adverting agencies. As Jones’ says, “Computer graphics in advertising and entertainment rely heavily on the appeal of technical special effects made possible by earlier scientific/technical development” (27).  Here is a great example of a digital advertising agency, which is Second Story in Portland that focuses on creating new interactive experiences.


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