Wangwei Zhu
Vice-President Wangwei Zhu is the award-winning designer of the World Expo 2010 Pujiang Garden town. His campus designs for the East China University of Science and Technology and the Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports have been recognized for thoughtfully incorporating waterways and large green spaces into well-organized campus developments.
Haixun Pan
Senior Architect Haixun Pan has been recognized for his work on sports facilities such as the design of Algeria Sports Center and the engineering design of Weifang Gymnasium. He was the chief designer on the Ukraine Central Business District and the Shenyang Culture Art Center.
Chang Su
Chief Architect Chang Su has won design awards for projects including a Technology Park + Business Incubator. He has been recognized for his analytical abilities and technical expertise. He will explain the research and development of an ETFE membrane facade for a cold-climate greenhouse.
Shun Ding
Design Architect Shun Ding has written about how digital analysis and BIM shaped his innovative design for the Waitan Financial Center. He published two essays from his Southeast University master’s thesis analyzing how spatial configuration affects wayfinding behavior and cognition, using Space Syntax principles. His built projects include the Museum of Sanxia and the Xiexin Hotel.
Tao Wang
Group leader Tao Wang won first prize for a young architects exhibit, 8th place in the international competition for the World Expo’s China Pavillion. He has designed many large mixed use complexes, cultural centers, libraries, and hotels. His is interested in how to maintain design quality in project process management.
Xiaosong Bai
Designer Xiaosong Bai has won awards for urban landscape planning and designing resort, office, educational and retail complexes. Because of his interest in the creative process and ways to combine Art and Architecture, he has researched the work of Diller and Scofidio.
Yandong Zhang
Chief architect Yandong Zhang designed the award-winning Shanghai Eco-home at the 2010 World Expo, contributed to Disneyland Shanghai, & the 100,000 square meter 5-star hotel. Even as the youngest member of the Technical team, he has been recognized as being one of the top employees.
Fan Xiao
Fan Xiao has won awards for his renovation of the Great World Entertainment Center, one of Shanghai’s landmark buildings, and new civic buildings such as the Fengxian District Library and the Chengji Museum of Art. He brings an appreciation of furniture, ceramics and philosophy to his design projects.
Ziye Zhu
Architect Ziye Zhu has been recognized for expertise in skyscraper and airport design. He developed seismic retrofit strategies for hospitals and schools in Sichuan and Qinghai earthquake disaster areas. He is interested in architectural aesthetics and expressive media from watercolor to parametric design.

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