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Study Goals And Reflection for Art in Society

  • 1. I really wanna learn about the definition of the “art” in America, both in academic and social practice. Cause I think it will be different from China, how to acquire it, practice, using in social career position. (Like what is community art? I used to think community is the place some children will make some doodle, had old people walking around the community, some flowers, lake, tress……)

Through fall term studying I think “art” is kind of an international concept,  and a remix one. But what impress me a lot is creative thinking learning method. From my previous arts learning experience, students had a fixed art pattern to follow along. But what we are now focusing on is its “reframing” meaning, how to combine art and technology in different art fields. Besides that, as for “community”, it has a more widely understanding. Wherever it has your org’s target audience, reaching its demographic standard all can be called “a community”.

  • 2. If media can be classified as an “art”, what is different between major in news, journalist, host…Cause we all will working in mess media environment. How to understand of media management and mass media.

I am even not clearly understand the different between pure “news” and “art management” fields. I always think there is some overlap area for both two fields. Actually, what we have learned in this term is more stress no market, “art”, and cultural administration. We just took the first step in art management. I still looking forward to study further and deeply moving on this major. However fortunately, I am so glad to know mass media (or transmedia) is a common and requisite promotion channel not only in media management, but any other work fields.

  • 3. Even with the help of some reading materials, I am not  understand what is the “transmedia”? Just a name of different media platform, TV, radio, newspaper…? Does it has some deep meaning?

Transmedia for me now is a very familiar word. I already uses transmedia (or multi-media) methods to finish my presentation and field guide. Transmedia is a good method to help you “draw” your academic map and building a comprehensive and visual image. On the other side, better using transmedia needs our learning ability with computer and technology; it sets up an requirement both in collection and imagination quality.

  • 4. Does people concentrating in Media management can be called “artists” if media management can belong to the Art management.

From Art in Society, MKTG  and Cultural Administration course, I do not think we can called ourselves “artist”. After all we are concentrating in management not fine art. Acquiring some arts factor would be better for our management work, like designing skill. Rebrand logo and marketing analyses did leave me a deep impressive and motivate my potential!

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