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New Finding Aids

We are pleased to announce new and updated finding aids now available on Archives West for the following collections:

(Coll 505) Proebsting family papers

The Proebsting family lived in Montana and Idaho before moving to Medford, Oregon in 1916. The collection includes correspondence, clippings, and a stock agreement.

(Coll 377) Mazie Giustina papers

Mazie O. Giustina (1894-1997) was a graduate of the University of Oregon and lifelong member of numerous Oregon civic clubs and historical societies. The collection consists of diaries, correspondence, personal writings, financial documents, scrapbooks, ephemera, photographs, artifacts, audio tape reels and some published material.

(Coll 282) Anarchist publications and ephemera collection

The anarchist publication and ephemera collection contains a variety of independently published material documenting anarchism and anarchist activities in Eugene, Oregon between 1990 and 2003. The collection contains handbills, flyers, zines, pamphlets, and monographs.

(A085) F. Max Mueller letters to Moncure Daniel Conway

The F. Max Mueller letters to Moncure Daniel Conway contain sixty-seven letters written between 1872 and 1901 relating to a scholarly feud between Muller, a German-born Oxford philologist and Orientalist, and William D. Whitney, an American linguist and professor of Sanskrit at Yale University.

(CB W674) Perry Williams reminiscences of the Silver Lake fire of 1894

The Perry Williams reminiscences of the Silver Lake fire of 1894 is a brief narrative describing the December 1894 building fire that killed fourty-three people.

(Ax 719) George Thomas Tootell correspondence and memoir

George Thomas Tootell(1886 – ) was a Presbyterian medical missionary in Hunan province of China from 1913 to 1949. Tootell’s collection contains correspondence written by and to Tootell between 1913 and 1949, as well as a 512 page memoir detailing his life between 1913 and 1959.


New Accession: KVAL Videotapes

SCUA recently received a supplemental accession of nearly 350 U-matic videotapes from KVAL TV (Sinclair Broadcast Group). The tapes, created between 1970 and 1990, provide a glimpse into local, regional, and national news events. Accompanying each tape are reference log sheets summarizing each footage clip.

KVAL tape

Here are some interesting stories covered in this accession:

  • Annual local events such as the Butte to Butte run, and the Oregon Country Fair
  • Eruption of Mount St. Helens (1980)
  • ​Trial of Diane Downs (1984)
  • Development of Gateway Mall in Springfield​ (1988-1990)

SCUA holds several collections of footage from local TV stations, and we offer a curated set of digitized clips on the UO Libraries YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIWjpRqVdHlBrHeCNibypWQ/videos

Questions about our AV collections should be directed to Elizabeth Peterson, Curator of Moving Images (emp@uoregon.edu).