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New Accession: KVAL Videotapes

SCUA recently received a supplemental accession of nearly 350 U-matic videotapes from KVAL TV (Sinclair Broadcast Group). The tapes, created between 1970 and 1990, provide a glimpse into local, regional, and national news events. Accompanying each tape are reference log sheets summarizing each footage clip.

KVAL tape

Here are some interesting stories covered in this accession:

  • Annual local events such as the Butte to Butte run, and the Oregon Country Fair
  • Eruption of Mount St. Helens (1980)
  • ​Trial of Diane Downs (1984)
  • Development of Gateway Mall in Springfield​ (1988-1990)

SCUA holds several collections of footage from local TV stations, and we offer a curated set of digitized clips on the UO Libraries YouTube channel:

Questions about our AV collections should be directed to Elizabeth Peterson, Curator of Moving Images (

New Acquisition: Didot Miniature Book

Miniature bookSpecial Collections and University Archives has recently acquired an exceptional miniature book: a copy of the 1828 edition of the complete works of Horace printed in a microscopic 2.5pt font designed by the Didot firm.

The French Didot family included several generations of printers, engravers, and master typographers active in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They contributed many major bibliographic innovations including devising a “point” system for measuring type (the didot, by François-Ambroise Didot) and innovating technology within the fields of papermaking, engraving, and founding. The firm also produced many luxurious and beautifully-designed books. Firmin Didot (1764-1836) was the designer of the punches for the elegant Modern Didot typefaces, notable for their extreme contrast in weight and hairline serifs. These designs are well known today through contemporary revivals like Adrian Frutiger’s typeface designed for Linotype (1991) based on Firmin’s original designs.

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New Collection: “Standoff” Photographs of Malheur NWR Occupation

Photograph from "Standoff" portfolio by Shawn Records.
Photograph from “Standoff” portfolio by Shawn Records. PH365, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

Special Collections & University Archives is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of “Standoff,” a portfolio of photographs by Portland-based photographer Shawn Records. The photographs document the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January of 2016. Included are portraits of the militant Ammon Bundy and his family, as well as images of the media circus and protests that surrounded the occupation. This was a pivotal moment in Oregon and US history, when a group of armed men were able to occupy a government building without significant legal repercussion. The photographs are quiet and subtle, exploring the complex and fraught history of land use and cowboy culture in the American West. The portfolio is now available for viewing within the Special Collections & University Archives reading room.

Photograph from "Standoff" portfolio by Shawn Records.
Photograph from “Standoff” portfolio by Shawn Records. PH365, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.
Photograph from "Standoff" portfolio by Shawn Records.
Photograph from “Standoff” portfolio by Shawn Records. PH365, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

By Danielle Mericle, Curator of Photography Collections

New Accessions: La Follette papers

Special Collections and University Archives is pleased to announce accessions of new poetical works in the Cameron La Follette papers. The finding aid for this collection (Coll 432) is available here.

Cameron La Follette is a graduate of the University of Oregon in 1984 and received a J.D. in Law from Columbia and a M.S. in Psychology from New York University. La Follette is a notable environmental activist in the state of Oregon who currently works as the Executive Director for the Oregon Coast Alliance. Her efforts in coastline preservation have also included work for the Coastal Futures Project for 1000 Friends of Oregon and the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition.

Cover of Anamchara (2006) by Cameron La Follette.

La Follette is also a prolific poet whose work is intertwined with her environmental activism. La Follette has had one book of poetry published, in 2006, entitled Anamchara, of which SCUA has a copy. SCUA also holds a complete archive of La Follette’s poetry, which includes many hundreds of pieces. The collection includes original manuscript drafts, notebooks and typescripts of her poetry on the subjects of spirit, myth, and nature. La Follette also leads a Classical Poetry Group in her home of Salem, Oregon. This collection showcases an Oregonian environmental perspective in professional and creative works, both of which uniquely inspire and inform the other.


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New Collection: Shobundo Senjafuda Collection

Earlier this year, Special Collections and University Archives acquired a new collection of Japanese votive slips, or fuda, which are now available for viewing and research in the SCUA reading room.

Fuda, also called nōsatsu, are Japanese votive slips printed using a woodblock process. Originally, created in the 11th century by religious pilgrims as devotional items, these slips have become part of a vibrant collecting and exchange culture in Japan and abroad. The religious senjafuda are generally unadorned, consisting of only the pilgrim’s name, and pasted to the walls of temples and shrines. The more detailed and luxurious kokanfuda, featuring many subjects including kabuki characters and mythological creatures, are collected and traded by members of a nōsatsu-kai, or exchange clubs. Individual nōsatsu clubs generally commission artists, carvers, and printers to produce new slips for trading at nōsatsu-kai meetings and events.

Yokohama nōsatsu-kai circa 1950s

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