New Finding Aids | Children’s Literature

New finding aids are now available on Archives West for the following children’s literature collections:

Bettina Ehrlich papers, circa 1959 (A 230)

Bettina Ehrlich (1903-1985) was an Austrian artist and author of children’s books. The collection includes Ehrlich’s manuscripts, sketches, and illustrated dummy for For the Leg of a Chicken.

Joseph Edward Van Wormer papers, 1961-1974 (Ax 770)

Joseph Edward Van Wormer (1913-1998) was an Oregonian wildlife photographer and author. The collection includes Van Wormer’s literary manuscripts for eight books about animals of the Northwest, mostly for children, and related correspondence.

Elizabeth MacKinstry papers, circa 1920-1940 (Coll 616)

Elizabeth MacKinstry (1878-1956) was an American poet, sculptor, and illustrator. The collection includes MacKinstry’s dummies, sketches, and pen and ink illustrations for children’s books. Seven published books illustrated by MacKinstry are also included.

Ann Clark Nolan papers, 1956-1980 (Coll 623)

Ann Nolan Clark (1896-1995) was an American author of children’s literature and young adult fiction. The collection includes biographical material, speeches, clippings, and literary manuscripts for her book, To Stand Against the Wind (1978), a juvenile book about a young Vietnam War refugee.

Virginia C. Holmgren papers, 1959-1979 (Coll 598)28

Virginia C. Holmgren (1909-2003) was an Oregonian author of juvenile and adult fiction and natural history books. The collection includes typed manuscripts, publisher correspondence, and published books.

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