Iconic Moments in University of Oregon History

Deady and Villard Hall
Deady and Villard Hall, ca. 1890s

We were thrilled to see that the Daily Emerald highlighted two separate posts today about iconic moments in history of the University of Oregon.

The main article “From the Arrival of Oregon Football to Flag Rushes, These 16 Iconic Moments Shaped the UO In Ways You Never Imagined” highlights the following  moments:

  • 1876: Building a School
  • 1890: The Beginning of Junior Flag Rush
  • 1894: College Football Comes to Eugene
  • 1900: The Rise of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • 1902: The Prince Expands a Campus
  • 1917: First Rose Bowl Appearance
  • 1919: The Opening of Hayward Field
  • 1932: The Zorn-McPherson Bill
  • 1947: The Establishment of The Duck
  • 1948: The Bowerman Era Begins
  • 1949: Erb Memorial Student Union Constructed
  • 1969: Robert Clark and Student Protests
  • 1970: The Prefontaine Legacy Begins
  • 1977: The Arrival of Animal House
  • 2008: Dr. Posner’s Achievement
  • 2011: The Fall of Lariviere

In addition, a video with images from the University Archives can be found here.

Jennifer O’Neal
Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist

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