Computer Assisted Design & Making a 9 mm Endwrench

One of the fun projects that I use to get people to try their hand at computer assisted designing (CAD) is to have them make something utilitarian, like a tool.  One of the best examples of this is to make an endwrench. I chose making a 9mm end wrench because a 10 mm wrench is fairly common, so with making, a 9 mm wrench I try to hit it home that you can make the tool you need and not just rely on what is available.  I teach this tutorial with TinkerCad for a couple of reasons.  First it is free!  Did I say Free?  Yes Free!  Second, it runs in a browser so folks do not need to add any new software to their computers.  These two issues alone make it a very powerful tool for teachers and students to use in a classroom.  Internet access is, however, required.

I have uploaded a video on making a version of the wrench above to YouTube and it is available here:

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