Coding, Computers, & Generative Art

This winter I am teaching a class on visual communication and one of the projects for the class will likely be a quick exploration of generative art.  This is art that is created using computer code and then “unleashed” on the computer such that the computer keeps on processing the code in a looping fashion along with some random data input.

The computer IDE called “Processing” is a great tool for starters and I recommend giving it a try.

Because of the random input, the image keeps morphing in an infinite loop.  I had known of the technique for some time but I wast inspired to try my hand at it as a result of the Hunt Library LiberactV conference last month at NC State University.  Lucas T Swick out of Portland Oregon and his award winning political art piece on college students and homelessness called “Community Gardens” was what got me moving on the project.  Based on its power, I felt compelled to add it to my upcoming class here at the University of Oregon PSC Vizlab.

Here is my take on the initial code by Ruiwen Guo:


And here is a peak at the code:

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