Transit of Mercury

Monday, November 11th, 2019, marks the next time the the planet Mercury can be seen crossing in front of the Sun from Earth. This event is known as a transit.  In the case of Mercury, it is an event that can be seen on several occasions in a person’s lifetime.  Here at the University of Oregon we will host the event live in the Price Science Commons as well has helping out with Scott Fisher of the Physics Department.  Scott and his team, weather permitting, will have a telescope with a special solar filter setup to see the Sun.  Venus, is the only other planet that has a viewable transit from Earth.  Unfortunately, the last transit was in 2012 (see the picture below) and the next time to view it will be December 10th, 2117.  I will be long gone by then as will anyone reading this blog.  So, take the time to see something just as cool, Mercury, while you have the chance.

Transit of Venus 2012

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