Pacific Northwest Aerospace Expo – 2019

Saturday September 28th, Portland State University hosted the first local Pacific Northwest Aerospace expo/conference. It is planned to be an annual event and is particularly interesting to us here at the University of Oregon because we have had a very small hand in the ORESAT project.  This project, under the guidance of Andrew Greenberg at PSU aims to launch a cubesat into space next August. I heard several interesting talks including one on getting into aerospace technology particularly focusing on strategies for women by Heather Bulk, CEO of SAS, a talk on engineering for stationing people on Mars, a very cool talk on the history of the Viking Mars Explorer and then one of the New Glenn Rocket from a Blue Origin engineer.  Many thanks go out the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) and to Andrew Greenberg for work on the expo!


Heather Bulk of Special Aerospace Services (SAS) on women and how to get that foot in the door of the aerospace room


R. Tillman on the history of the Viking Mission to Mars


Viking’s Memory Board


Blue Origin and the New Gleen rocket


Designing new space suits

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