Coastal Lichens

I have been on the coast a lot this summer. This last weekend I led a lichen workshop at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. The campus is a wonderful place to review the diversity of these organisms.  Many people know that lichens are a mixture of fungi and algae, but new data also shows that yeast, another group of fungi, are almost always involved and there can be more than one type of algae involved.  Trebouxia is the most common algae followed by two slightly less common algae species, then followed by another 15 or species, and finally followed by 85 or so algae species that occasionally seem to help create lichenized fungi.  So, for every unique species of fungus in the lichen relationship there can one or more common-to-rare algae in the partnership, along with yeast.

The species above is Menegazzia terebrata, a lichen that have inflated lobes (they are like a balloon) and the lobes have distinct black holes in places on the top surface.  Below is the list of the other common species we saw on the campus. This fall the Northwest Lichenologists working group is visiting OIMB and so a revised list will certainly becoming out after that meeting.

OIMB Campus Lichens

  1. Alectoria sarmentosa/vancouverenis
  2. Cetraria (Tuckermanopsis) chlorophylla
  3. Cladonia umbricola
  4. Cladonia macilenta/transcendens
  5. Cladonia squamosa
  6. Graphis scripta
  7. Hypogymnia enteromorpha
  8. Hypogymnia heterophylla
  9. Hypogymnia inactiva
  10. Hypogymnia occidentalis
  11. Hypogymnia physodes
  12. Lecanora pacifica
  13. Melanelia sp.
  14. Menegazzia terebrata
  15. Ochrolechia laevigata
  16. Ochrolechia juvenalis
  17. Ochrolechia oregonensis
  18. Parmelia sulcata
  19. Parmotrema crinitum
  20. Parmotrema arnoldii (UV+ medulla)
  21. Parmotrema chinense
  22. Parmotrema crinitum
  23. Peltigera membranacea
  24. Pertursaria amara/opthalmiza
  25. Ramalina menziesii
  26. Ramalina thrausta
  27. Ramalina dilacerata
  28. Ramalina farinacea
  29. Ramalina roesleri
  30. Ramalina supleptocarpha
  31. Sticta limbata
  32. Usnea cornuta
  33. Usnea flavocardia
  34. Usnea fragilescens
  35. Usnea glabrata
  36. Usnea longissima
  37. Usnea rubicunda
  38. Usnea silesiaca
  39. Usnea scabrata
  40. Usnea subfloridana
  41. Xanthoparmelia cf. cumberlandii

Lichens in bold were common on the campus.

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