Final Marketing Plan-Rome Little Theatre

MMC II Learning Goals Reflection

Learning Goals Reflection

  1. Learn how to use communication strategies and delivery technologies to advance a marketing strategy for a non-profit organization.

I have a much better understanding of a variety of strategies that can be implemented to further a marketing plan. The use of technologies like CRMs and Hootsuite can really help non-profit organizations that may have a low marketing budget or small staff.

  1. Learn how to create a marketing plan based on the visual brand I created last quarter.

One of the marketing strategies I am proposing in my plan is based on the rebranding that I completed last year. I have created a marketing plan around rebranding and feel that I have a better understanding of how to implement such a big change in a company.

  1. I want to learn the ways to integrate technology into a marketing plan and what limitations might be presented through technology.

Through this class I have had the opportunity to look at examples of how to plan communication strategies using technology. Whether that be through e-mailing, social media or websites. We did discuss some limitations but it seems to really come down to budget and staff.

  1. Learn how different marketing plans could be implemented depending on limited or expansive funds allocated for marketing.

Darrell showed a plethora of examples of marketing, some with limited budgets and some with very expansive budgets that were all effective. I would like to become more familiar with marketing budgets and how they can be organized based on priorities.

  1. Learn how marketing plans can be implemented with very limited staff members; how to use volunteers and board members.

I don’t feel that we talked about this much in the class but through reviewing the different kinds of marketing it was clear that some were easier to do with less people and money. I would like to learn more about using a working board and volunteers to help implement marketing strategies.


Lexicon Essay-Word of Mouth Marketing


Media Map/Plan for Rome Little Theatre

Rome Little Theatre Web/Social Media Draft-January 2016

Rome Little Theatre uses many online and social media services to enhance awareness and visibility of the organization. This plan will be used to help us understand what and how we are currently using web outlets and how we can enhance our online presence through consistent and targeted communication. We must use each outlet as a way to reinforce the goal of all web/social media communication: to help people stay in the ‘know’ and to push them to take action.


The RLT website functions has the main hub of communication with our patrons and audience members. The website is currently being used for announcements, ticket sales, archives and RLT basics/information.

  • Benefits of enhancing our communication through the website
    • The website should be on all marketing materials and should push site visitors to take an action: audition, attend a performance, buy tickets, volunteer, donate, become a member
    • The website is mobile friendly, which is how most younger visitors will access the website
    • Great ticket purchasing system, friendly and easy to use
    • It is where people go when they look up/Google the organization and is typically the first point of access for an online visitor
  • How to improve this communication channel?
    • The overall organization of the website needs to be reworked, we need to prioritize what we want people to do when visiting the website and make those priorities easier to access. Right now, there are too many options/buttons/tabs for easy access.
    • Restructure to lead visitors to take action, reference above. Some things are more important than others and should be more prevalent on the website, we must prioritize.
  • Administration
    • Communication committee can help to prioritize and sustain a website plan for the Executive Director or Office Secretary to execute on a daily basis
  • Audience
    • The audience of the website should be all people that are involved or want to be involved in the theatre. People of all ages will access the website to become involved or continue involvement in the theatre. This is a point of access for first time visitors and long time patrons of the theatre.


RLT currently uses e-mail to communicate with theatre patrons that have already expressed interest in the theatre, whether that be through ticket sales, donation or requesting to be on the mailing list.

  • Benefits of enhancing our communication through the e-mail
    • We already know that the people on our mailing list are interested in the theatre and we must take advantage of that
    • E-mail is a direct line to these people, they can access it immediately through mobile phone or computer.
    • If someone is not on social media, this is a great way to stay in touch and keep them in the loop of what is going on in the theatre
  • How to improve this communication channel?
    • We must continue to push people to action through e-mail: audition, buy tickets, volunteer, direct/produce, donate
    • We need to develop a very diligent plan to consistently contact our mailing list with opportunities
  • Administration
    • Content should be developed by the communication committee or the Executive Director.
    • This should be easily executed by the Office Manager if plan is developed to make communication consistent.
    • You don’t want to overload people with e-mails or they will stop reading so they must be very deliberate and action oriented.
  • Audience
    • While everyone reads their e-mail (or at least skims it), the audience of e-mails should focus on an older audience, people who may not have social media
    • People who have already expressed interest in the theatre


RLT takes great advantage of Facebook and our goal now is to be more deliberate with our communications and develop and focused strategy that can be easily executed.

  • Benefits of enhancing our communication through Facebook
    • The majority of audience members and patrons are on Facebook. They interact with facebook also, liking, commenting and sharing posts.
    • Facebook events!
    • When people share posts, it hits more than just the RLT followers, encourage sharing-posts and events.
  • How to improve this communication channel?
    • Keep profile picture the same, RLT logo, so that people can recognize and know the organization brand.
    • Communicate as close to daily as possible, a simple post that keeps people up to date should be quick and easy with a consistent plan in place.
    • Have directors/producers do quick interviews about the show, talk to the actors and post pictures/quotes about the upcoming shows. Get people excited about the productions.
    • Pictures, pictures, pictures-posts receive more shares and likes with there is a picture associated with the post.
  • Administration
    • The Office Secretary and Executive Director should work to make the communication on Facebook consistent. The communication committee can help to come up with new ideas for each show to make them unique.
  • Audience
    • Facebook is now used by young children, parents and grandparents, make sure the communication reaches all audiences.


Currently, Instagram is the most underused of our social media outlets. One of our main goals needs to be to take advantage of Instagram.

  • Benefits of enhancing our communication through Instagram
    • Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets, reaching people of all ages and especially a younger crowd
    • We have 1013 followers currently and we are not interacting with these people at all (8 posts in over 1.5 years)
    • It’s a quick and easy way to show pictures of productions, the theatre, events, featured directors or actors with links to bios, show volunteers, etc.
    • With a quick photo a day the theatre can be live place that is interactive and exciting to the people that follow RLT
  • How to improve this communication channel?
    • Implement a picture a day
    • Follow and like other theatres in the area-locally, regionally, state-wide, nationally.
    • Highlight people that are already involved-board members, volunteers, actors
    • Show off the theatre!-architecture, new additions, etc. (shout out to HDTF for the improvements).
  • Administration
    • ED and Office Manager are in charge of daily execution. Ask for pictures from directors, producers, actors during productions to share. Set out a plan of action for each week-at least one specific element each week.
  • Audience
    • As mentioned before this would target a younger crowd along with other theatres. Focus on the elements of fun and exciting to reach these audiences and make RLT stand out.

Actions Plan

Meet with communication committee, office manager and executive director:

  • Learn more about the current web/social media plans in place
  • Assess what is doable for the organization and its’ staff members.
  • Develop month long plans that can be executed and sustained
  • Talk about looking for a social media intern through one of the colleges in town
  • Set top priorities for the year-look at numbers and areas to measure

AAD 610/Winter 2016 Learning Goals

  1. Learn how to use communication strategies and delivery technologies to advance a marketing strategy for a non-profit organization.
  2. Learn how to create a marketing plan based on the visual brand I created last quarter.
  3. I want to learn the ways to integrate technology into a marketing plan and what limitations might be presented through technology.
  4. Learn how different marketing plans could be implemented depending on limited or expansive funds allocated for marketing.
  5. Learn how marketing plans can be implemented with very limited staff members; how to use volunteers and board members.

Media, Marketing, and Communication Learning Goals Reflection

  1. Learn more about and explore the use of typography.

Before this class I had never heard the word typography but after 10 weeks in this class I feel that I have definitely met this goal. I know about the use of topography, learned about dafont, and best practices for choosing typography for a brand.

  1. Explore the world of WordPress (which I have never used) and become more proficient in its tools and uses.

Before this class I had never used WordPress or any type of blog/website creating tool. I feel like I have definitely met this goal and I am really proud to have these skills now.

  1. As I have zero experience in graphic design, I would like to learn more about how to properly use graphic design programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

I have definitely learned more about Adobe Illustrator and InDesign during this course. I feel like I have a good grasp of the basics and hope to learn more throughout my graduate program. I would still like to learn more about Photoshop in the future.

  1. Gain a knowledge of graphic design terms and lingo, so that I may ‘talk the talk’ to graphic designers I work with in the future.

I do feel that I have gained enough basic knowledge about graphic design to work with graphic designers within an arts organization. I think I can now better understand the limitations of the Adobe programs. There are still some things that I would like to understand better but overall I think I have met this goal.

  1. My previous experience is in higher education and I spent a lot of time working with our PR/Marketing team to build upon our brand and market to our consumers: high school students and their parents. I would like to learn more about how branding and marketing a higher education institute may differ or be the same as working with an arts organization.

I have learned that there are actually more similarities than differences. While the audiences may be different the values and ideas behind the branding strategies focus on the same concepts. I think next semester I can reflect even more on this learning goal

  1. Learn how to use graphic design to show value. When marketing an arts organization we are typically not selling a physical product but an experience, so how do we use graphic design as a tool to demonstrate the value of that experience?

This goal is something I think I will continue to work on throughout this graduate program and even once I get into positions as an art manager. I have learned some great techniques that I can use to convey value through branding.

Art in Society Learning Goal Reflection

  1.  Develop more confidence when it comes to talking in class about a module reading or assignment. Feel more comfortable speaking about original thoughts or ideas.

I think that that because of the module content I began to feel comfortable posting my original thoughts and talking in class about each module. I think I could have tried harder to talk more in class but overall I feel like I accomplished this goal.

  1. Spend time thinking about how ‘art’ functions within society. Not answering but pondering, how does society define art and artists?

This class and the module content did a great job of helping me pursue this goal. I think that the concepts and ideas discussed during this course are vital to building a well-rounded arts manager. I feel like this course has given me to opportunity to think about the art, aesthetics, participation, and art worlds.

  1. Before this class I had never heard of or used the term transmedia. I would like to explore this definition and the use of transmedia.

I have definitely learned about transmedia and how it is used to reach audiences. Understanding the field guide has really helped me “get” transmedia.

  1. Learn more about ‘art worlds.’ How they are defined, how they function in society, what art worlds am I a part of?

 When starting this class I had not spent much time thinking about art worlds: how they function, who is a part of an art world, or how are they formed. As this class comes to an end I can confidently say I have learned more about art worlds and the art worlds I am a a part of currently.

  1. Understand how I can use the knowledge gained in this class to provide leadership to an arts organization. How can the understanding of the relationship of art to society help me more successfully run an arts organization?

I have to say in the beginning of this class I had a hard time answering the question posed above to meet this goal but now that the class comes to an end I have a much better grasp of how I can use this course content to become a better leader. Art managers must always be aware of the sociological, political, and economic pressures that are relevant within their art world. This course has helped me understand those pressures and how they can affect an organization I might work for in the future.

Rome Little Theatre Graphic Standards

RomeLittleTheatre Graphic Standards


Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis.docx

Rome Little Theatre Poster/Display Ad



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