Lexicon Week Five

Judgment– “The forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion.” Humans judge constantly. We form judgments about people, movies, food, and art. We can judge something or someone to be ‘low brow’ or ‘elitist.’ Everyone judges, but everyone judges differently, it is all based on our own experiences and prejudices.

Participatory–“Taking part of or in.” One of the most important aspects of art and arts management. We talk every day about what counts as participation, how do we create participation and participatory events, it goes on and on. No matter how one defines “participation in art,” it is vastly important to all types of art and art experiences.

Atmosphere–“A surrounding or pervading mood, environment.” It can also be defined as the literal gasses that surround us and our planet. But when thinking of atmosphere in an artistic context, one thinks about the dominant feeling the art is supposed to be creating. There can be an atmosphere of creativity around art, or an atmosphere of fear around a political situation. The atmosphere of a situation colors how people are feeling and seeing the moment.

Character–“The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person of thing.” Your character is what makes you who you are. Someone can be seen as having a strong character, a weak character, etc. It is one of the many terms we use to define ourselves. Art can also have a character; art can be characterized as gloomy, effervescent, political, sexual, childish, elitist, etc.

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