The Sapsik’ʷałá Library is a resource for all current Sapsik’ʷałá students as well as former students and others in the University community with ties to Indigenous Education. Our library features literature that honor and respect Indigenous, Native American, and Tribal communities’ cultural ways of knowing, philosophies, and pedagogies. The Sapsik’ʷałá resource library features a multitude of fiction, non-fiction, autobiographical and historical accounts as well as contemporary Indigenous scholarship, curricula, and UOTeach/EDST resources to support the learning of Sapsik’ʷałá educators.

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*Some books may be considered artifacts of archaic views and miseducation regarding Indigenous Peoples


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Alvord, Lori Arviso, MD and Van Pelt The Scalpel and the Silver Bear
Eastman (Ohiyesa), Charles A From the Deep Woods to Civilization
Hale Campbell, Janet Blood Lines-Odyssey of a Native Daughter
Nassdijj The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams-a memoir by Nasdijj
Neihardt, John G & Nicholas Black Elk Black Elk Speaks
Pelitier, Leonard Prison Writings-My Life is My Sun Dance
Wallis, Velma Raising Ourselves-A Gwich’in Coming of Age Story from the Yukon River
Youst, Lionel She’s Tricky Like Coyote
Olsen, Kristine Standing Tall: The Lifeway of Kathryn Jones Harrison, Chair of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community

Children and Young AdultSee the source image

Badt, Karin Luisa Hair There and Everywhere!
Badt, Karin Luisa On Your Feet!
Bronson, Wilfird S Pinto’s Journey
Bruchac, Joseph A Boy Called Snow
Bruchac, Joseph My Name is America-The Journal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy
Bruchac, Joseph The First Strawberries-A Cherokee Story
Bruchac, Joseph The Heart of a Chief
Bruchac, Joseph & Michael J Caduto Keepers of the Night
Bruchac, Joseph & Michael J Caduto Native Plant Stories
Burchac, Joseph & Michael J Caduto Keepers of Life
Crow, Joe Medicine Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird
Dawavendewa, Gerald The Butterfuly Dance
Dennis, Yvone Wakim S & Hirschfelder Children of Native America Today
Dupusi, Jenny Kay & Kathy Kacer I Am Not a Number
Dwyer, Mindy Coyote in Love
Fletcher, Sydney E The Story of the American Indians
Goble, Paul The Gift of the Sacred Dog
Igloliorte, John An Inuk Boy Becomes a Hunter
Jerry Lipka Cloudwalker
London, Johnathan & Lanny Pinola Fire Race-A Karuk coyote Tale About How Fire Came to the People
Lopez, Barry Crow and Weasel
Montano, Marty Kreipe de Coyote In Love With a Star
Sloat, Teri The Eye of the Needle
Sloat, Teri & Betty Huffmon Berry Magic
Stuart, Gene S Three Little Indians
Krensky, Stephen Children of the Earth and Sky
Morris, Ann Houses and Homes
Perez, Georgina Plate Full of Color
Blomgren, Jennifer Where would I be in an Evergreen Tree?
Blomgren, Jennifer Where do I sleep?
Perez, Georgina Tricky Treats
Perez, Georgina Through the Eyes of the Eagle
Johnson, Michael Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America
Sierra, Judy Wild about Books
Perez, Georgina Knees Lifted High
Hopkinson, Deborah Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt


CurriculumSee the source image

Bigelow, Bill and Bob Peterson, Eds. Rethinking Columbus The Next 500 Years
Bill Bigelow & Bob Peterson Eds. Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for an Unjust World
Bruce, Heather E., Baldwin, Anna E, Umphrey,Christabel Sherman Alexie in the Classroom “This is not a silent movie. Our voices will save our lives”
Christensen, Linda Teaching for Joy and Justice
Couchman, Linda Jessie & Linda Marie Hailey Seaman’s Journey with Lewis and Clark
Building Indigenous Community: A Model for American Indian Teacher Development
A Lesson in American History: The Japanese American Experience


Educational Resources

Bendtro, Larry K., Martin Brokenleg, & Steve Van Bockern Reclaiming Youth at Risk Our Hope for the Future
Cunningham, Patricia & Richard Allington Classrooms That Work: They Can All Read and Write
Davis, Heather A. & Jessica A. Summers An Interpersonal Approach to Classroom Management
Delpit, Lisa The Skin that We Speak
Ewalt, Patricia L & Edith M Freeman Multicultural Issues in Social Work
Glanz, Jeffrey Action Research: An Educational Leader’s Guide to School Improvement
Gorski, Paul C Multicultural Education and the Internet
Joel Monture Transforming the Culture of Schools
Kozol, Jonathan Savage Inequalities
Langer, Judith A. Envisioning Literature: Literary Understanding and Literature Instruction
Lindsey, Randall B. & Laraine M Roberts The Culturally Proficient School
Loewen, James W. Lies My Teacher Told Me
Miller, Dorcas S Stars of the First People: Native American Star Myths and Constellations
Milner, Richard H. Raceing to Class: Confronting Poverty and Race in Schools and Classrooms
National Research Council How People Learn-Brain, Mind, Experience & School
Thomas, Edward Harper Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education
Wong, Harry K & Rosemary T Wong The First Days of School
American Psychological Association APA Publication Manual
Rethinking Schools, Winter 2011-2012: STOP the School to Prison Pipeline
Conley, David College Knowledge
Spring, Joel The American School
Conley, David College and Career Ready
Starkman, Neal & Peter Scales & Clay Roberts Great Places to Learn
Roseberry-McKibben, Rosemary Multi Cultural Students with Special Language Needs (2 books)
Tools for Harmony Within Diversity: Skills for Daily Interpersonal Peacemaking
Student Native Americans and Mathematics Annotated Bibliography
Student Native American Resource File: Spider Woman’s Granddaughters
Constantino, Magda & Denny S. Hurtado NW Native American Reading Curriculum II
Student Diabetes Health/Science Unit Lesson
Agarwal-Rangnath, Ruchi (2 copies) Social Studies, Literacy, and Social Justice
American Psychological Association APA Publication Manual
Boutte, Gloria Swindler Resounding Voices
Clark, Ron The Essential 55
Codell, Esmi Raji Educating Esme-Diary of a Teacher’s First Year
Collins, Paul Community Writing-Researching Social Issues Through Composition
Cooper,Pamela J & Cheri J Simonds Communication for the Classroom Teacher
Pollock, Mica Schooltalk: Laying a Foundation for Equity
Rothstein-Fisch, Carrie & Elise Trumbull Managing diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students’ Cultural Strengths
Schniedewind, Nancy & Ellen Davidson Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective
Seale, Doris & Beverly Slapin Open Minds to Equality
Shoemaker, Betty Jean & Larry Lewin Innovative Instruction: A Menu of Teaching Tools for Effective Student Learning
Slattery, Patrick Curriculum Development in the Postmodern Era
Spring, Joel Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality

FictionSee the source image

Alexie, Sherman Indian Killer
Alexie, Sherman Reservation Blues
Alexie, Sherman The Business of Fancydancing
Alexie, Sherman The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven
Alexie, Sherman The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Cannon, LeGrand , Jr. Look to the Mountain
Lesley, Craig Talking Leaves-Contemporary native American Short Stories
Silko, Leslie Marmon Ceremony
Welch, James Winter in the Blood


HistorySee the source image

Beckham, Stephen Dow The Indians of Western Oregon
Berg, Laura The First Oregonians, Second Edition
Chief Seattle How Can One Sell the Air
Costco, Rupert & Jeannette Henry Costco Natives of the Golden State: The California Indians
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne An Indigneous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People
Hawke, Sharryl Davis & James E Davis Seeds of Change-The story of Cultural Exchange after 1492
Hinton Leanne Flutes of Fire: Essays on California Indian Languages
James, Cheewa MODOC The Tribe That Wouldn’t Die
Kadlecek, Edward & Mabel Kadlecek Wiyaxayxt / Wiyaakaa’awn / As Days Go By: Our History, Our Land, Our People –The Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla
Kape’ahiokalani Padeken Ah Nee-Benham wiyaxayxt as days go by wiyaakaa?awn
Karson, Jennifer To Kill an Eagle-Indian Views on the Last Days of Crazy Horse
Mackey, Harold The Kalapuyans
Miller, Robert J Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny
Norton, Jack Genocide ijn Northwestern California
Trafzer, Clifford E & Richard D Scheuerman Renegade Tribe-The Palouse Indians and the Invasion of the Inland Pacific Northwest
Utley, Robert M & Willicomb E Washburn Indian Wars
Welch, James; Stekler, Paul Killing Custer-The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians
Beyond the Oregon Trail: Oregon’s Untold History
Date, Barbara UOTeach/Sapsikwala Program Handbook

Indigenous EducationSee the source image

Welch, James; Stekler, Paul Killing Custer-The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians
Pratt, Richard Henry;Utley, Robert M Battlefield & Classroom
Benham, Maenette K.P.& Stein, Wayne J The Renaissance of American Indian Higher Education-Capturing the Dream
Bergstrom,Amy & cleary, Linda Miller The Seventh Generation
Brendtro, Larry K, Brokenleg, Martin Reclaiming Youth at Risk
Bruchac, Francis Lee and James Reclaiming the Vision
Cajete, Gregory Look to the Mountain
Cleary, Linda Miller & Peacock, Thomas D Collected Wisdom
Don Trent Jacobs & Jessica Jacobs-Spencer Teaching Virtues
Garrod, Andrew & Larimore, Colleen Frist Person First Peoples
Grande, Sandy Red Pedagogy
Katz, William Loren Indigenous Educational Models for Contemporary Practice-In Our Mother’s Voice
King, Kendall A Black Indians
Kozol, Jonathan Widening the Circle-Culturally Relevant Pedagogy for American Indian Children
Reyhner, John Teaching American Indian Students
Sabzalian, Leilani Indigenous Children’s Survivance in Public Schools
Silko, Leslie Marmon Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit
Vine, Deloria Jr & Wildcat, Daniel R Power and Place

Indigenous Education HistorySee the source image

Pratt, Richard Henry & Robert M Utley Battlefield & Classroom
Adams, David Wallace Education for Extinction
Child, Brenda J Boarding School Seasons-American Indian Families, 1900-1940
Giago, Tim & Kciji Nanwica Children Left Behind The Dark Legacy of Indian Mission Boarding Schools
Johnston, Basil H Indian School Days
La Flesche, Francis The Middle Five
Lomawaima, K Tasianina They Called it Prairie Light-The Story of Chilocco Indian School
McCarty, Teresa L A Place to Be Navajo: Rough Rock and the Struggle for Self-Determination in Indigenous Schooling
Mihesuah, Devon A Cultivating the Rosebuds The Education of Women at the Cherokee Femal Seminary 1851-1909


Indigenous Education Resource

Harrison, Barbara Collaborative Programs in Indigenous Communities-From Fieldwork to Practice
Jones, Guy W & Sally Moomaw Lessons from Turtle Island
Kleymeyer, Charles David Cultural Expression and Grassroots Development
Klopotek Class (ES 407/507) History of Native American Education
Schunk, Dale A Broken Flute;The Native Experience in Books for Children
Stutzman, Esther Thanksgiving…A Resource Guide An Indian Curriculum Unit
Swisher, Karen Gayton & John Tippeconnic Next Steps: Research and Practice to Advance Indian Education
Tuhiwai Smith, Linda Decolonizing methodologies Research and Indigenous Peoples
Regional Educational Lab Network Culturally Responsive Mathematics & Science Education
Klopotek, Brian History of Native American Education Es 407
Lara, Julia Voices of Native Educators: Strategies that Support Success of Native High School Students
Student Sample EDTPA Social Studies Task Assessment
Kent, William Eugene The Siletz Indian Reservation 1855-1900
ODE Indians in Oregon Today: A 4th Grade Social Studies Supplement
Tuhiwai Smith, Linda Decolonizing Methodologies
Merculieff, Ilarion & Libby Roderick stop talking: Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning and Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education

Indigenous Feminist Methodologies See the source image

Allen, Paula Gunn The Sacred Hoop-Recovering the Feminine in American Indian Traditions
Davis, Dana-Ain & Christa Craven Feminist Ethnography
Mankiller, Wilma Every Day is a Good Day-reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women
Wall, Steve Wisdom’s Daughters-Conversations wioth Women Elders of Native America


Indigenous StudiesSee the source image


Beauliue, David;Figueira, Anna M The Power of Native Teachers
Baker, Lee D Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture
Baughman, Michael & Hadella, Charlotte Warm Springs Millennium-Voices from the Reservation
Beckham, Stephan Dow Oregon Indians Voices from two Centuries
Berkhofer, Rober F Jr The White Man’s Indian
Biolsi, Thomas Deadliest Enemies: Law and the Making of Race Relations on and off Rosebud Reservations
Chavers, Dean Racism in Indian Country
Churchill, Ward A Little Matter of Genocide
Deloria, Vine Jr Custer Died for Your Sins
Deloria, Vine Jr God is Red – A Native View of Religion
Frazier, Ian On the Rez
Garroutette, Eva Maria Real Indians-Identity and Survival of Native America
Huhndorf, Shari M Going Native-Indians in the American Cultural Imagination
Iverson, Peter We are Still Here-American Indians in the Twentieth Century
Jacob, Michelle Indian Pilgrims: Indigenous Journeys of Activism and Healing with Saint Keteri Tekakwitha
Jacob, Michelle Yakama Rising: Indigenous Cultural Revitalization, Activism, and Healing
Jaimes, M Annette The State of Native America-Genocide, Colonization and Resistance
Johnson, Troy You Are on Indian Land-Alcatraz Island, 1969-1971
Johnson, Troy R Alcatraz-Indian Land Forever
Joseph, Gary Quest for Dignity: Synthesizing in Indian Recovery
Katz, William Loren Black Indians
Lyons, Mohawk, Deloria, Hauptman, Berman, Grinde, Berkey, Venables Exiled in the Land of the Free
Nabokov, Pete Native American Testimony
Peacock, Thomas To Be Free
Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples People to People, Nation to Nation
Riley, Patricia Growing Up Native American
Ruby, Robert H & John A Brown A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest
Slapin, Beverly & Doris Seale Through Indian Eyes
Strickland, Rennard Tonto’s Revenge
Tengan, Ty P. Kāwika Native Men Remade
Warrior, Robert Allen Tribal Secrets
Waziyatawin, Angela Wilson & Michael Yellow Bird For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization Handbook
Weatherford, Jack Native Roots-How the Indians Enriched America

Language and CultureSee the source image

Bol, Marsha C Stars Above Earth Below
Hedges, Ken Fibers and Forms: Native American Basketry of the West
Hirschfelder & Kreipe De Montano The Native American Almanac
Imada, Adria L. Aloha America: Hula Circuits Through the U.S. Empire
Institute of American Indian Arts Creativity is Our Tradition Three Decades of Contemporary Indian Arts
King, Kendall A Language Revitilation Processes and prospects-Quichua in the Ecuadorian Andes
Miller, Bruce Our Original Games: a Look at Aboriginal Sport in Canada
Nettle, Daniel & Suzanne Romaine Vanishing Voices-The Extinction of the World’s Languages
Olson, Kristine Language, Culture and Teaching-Critical Perspectives for a New Century
Robert Thorndike, M & Tracy Thorndike-Christ Chinook a History and Dictionary
Trueba, Henry T & Yali Zou Power in Education-The Case of Miao University Students
Hinton, Leanne & Kenneth Hale The Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice

Non-FictionSee the source image

Allen, Paula Gunn Off the Reservation-Reflections on Boundary-Busting, Border-Crossing
Allen, Paula Gunn Pocahontas
Bedford, Denton R. Tsali
Beeson, John Plea for the Indians
Bentley, Kenneth Women of Courage
Bloom, John To Show What an Indian Can Do-Sports at NA Boarding Schools
Cotton, Larry Counting Coup
Crow Dog, Mary and Richard Erdoes Lakota Woman
Howe, LeAnne Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story
Humes, Edward School of Dreams Making the Grade at a Top American HS
Pelzer, Dave A Child Called “It”




Swann, Brian, ed. Native American Songs and Poems: An Anthology
Interdisciplinary Manual for American Indian Inclusion
Frybread Power: A Small Gathering of Native American Poets


Storytelling and CultureSee the source image

Little Turtle, Nipmuck Tribe, Dudley Band Anthology of Traditional Tobacco Stories
Baylor, Bird And It Is Still That Way-Legends told by Arizona Indian Children
Blevins, Wade …And Then the Feather Fell
Bruchac, Joseph Our Stories Remember-american Indian History, culture & values through storytelling
Bruchac, Joseph Turkey Brother-And Other Tales(Iroquois folk Stories)
Clark, Ella E Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest
Cohlene, Terri Dancing Drum-A Cherokee Legend
Cohlene, Terri Turquoise Boy-A Navajo Legend
Maryboy, Nancy C & , David Begay Sharing the Skies
Rockwell, David Giving Voice to Bear-North American Indian Rituals, Myths and Images of the Bear
St Pierre, Mark & Tilda Long Soldier Walking in the Sacred Manner: Healers, Dreamers and Pipe Carriers, Medicine Women of the Plains Indians
Zitkala-Sa American Indian Stories


ORELA Middle Grades Mathematics Secrets Study Guide: ORELA Test Review for the Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments
Johnson, James A., Diann Musial, Gene E. Hall, & Donna M. Gollnick Foundations of American Education
Adams, Shauna, Philip Dirks, & Keissha Edwards The Young Child: Development from Prebirth Through Age Eight
McGraw Hill Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States


Standing Strong The Tribal Nations of Western Oregon DVD
Shadow of Salmon DVD & Resource Guide