Meet Our Camp Leaders!


Our 2018 SAIL Chemistry camp will be organized and run by UO graduate students Lisa Eytel (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Dana Reuter (Geological Sciences). Faculty, graduate students and undergrads also volunteer their time and expertise with presentations and in the laboratory.



Lisa Eytel

Lisa is a 4th year graduate student in the joint DWJ/Haley lab. Her research focuses on probing different host/guest interactions to better design anion sensors. Lisa previously organized STEM Women of Influence workshops at Russell Sage College (Troy, NY) during her undergraduate career. At the UO, Lisa can be found organizing Girls Science Adventure Days and helping with MadDuck Science Fridays.

In her (little) free time, Lisa enjoys skiing, roller derby (her derby alter ego is Abby WHAMblock), and watching women’s soccer (go Seattle Reign!).


photo: Dana Reuter

Dana Reuter

Dana is a 3rd year graduate student working with Dr. Samantha Hopkins in the UO Vertebrate Paleontology lab. Her research on mammalian paleoecology focuses on paleo food web building, carnivoran tooth morphology, and the evolution of omnivory.

When she is not nerding out over geology and ancient mammals she is getting lost in the woods, brewing beer, playing board games, and reading philosophy books.


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SAIL Chemistry Camp
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photo: Loni Kringle

Lonie Kringle
Andrew H. Marcus Lab


Kate Walsh


Kate Walsh
Christpher Doe Lab


Hadland, Erik

Erik Hadland
David Johnson Lab


photo Kara Nell

Kara Nell
Darren Johnson Lab
2014 & 2015


photo Blake Tresca

Blake Tresca
Darren Johnson Lab
2014 & 2015