Meet Our Camp Leaders!


SAIL Chemistry camp is sponsored by the Amanda Cook Lab with primary support from the UO Materials Science Institute, and additional support from  the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Amanda_Cook_photoAmanda is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. She grew up in sunny southern California before moving to Michigan to get her graduate degree. She then spent time in Switzerland as a post-doc. She arrived at UO in the summer of 2018 and she is learning to keep plants alive! The research in her group bridges organometallic and surface chemistries, using physical organic chemistry tools to develop new catalysts for the transformation of organic molecules.


Michael_photoMichael is a 3rd year PhD student in the Cook Lab. His research focuses on synthesizing catalysts with late transition metals bound to the surface of silica. When he’s not working in the air- and water-free glovebox, Michael can be found playing soccer and softball, exploring the Oregon outdoors, and dog-spotting.


Kiana_photoKiana is a 3rd year graduate student in the Cook Lab. Her research focuses on synthesizing, characterizing and testing nickel catalysts for small molecule transformations. Kiana has been involved as a board member with LGBT+ in STEM and A Community for Minorities in STEM. In her free time she likes to bake desserts, play rec league sports, and go hiking.


Julia is a 2nd year graduate student in the Jasti lab. Her research focuses on using organic chemistry to make tools for biological research. Specifically, she is working on discovering ways of using carbon nanohoops as fluorescent dyes for cellular staining applications. In addition to science, Julia also enjoys cooking, reading, exploring the PNW, and generally frolicking.


Marc_photoMarc is a 2nd year chemistry graduate student working in the Richmond Lab. His research focuses on environmentally important chemistry occurring at the oil-water interface, using lasers to illuminate the molecular picture of these interactions. In his free time he can be found running on Pre’s trail and swimming/lounging in the sun at the local outdoor pool.


Alison_C_photoAlison C. is a 2nd year graduate student in Amanda Cook’s lab. Her research will be focusing on synthesizing Rh/Co complexes to observe their catalytic properties for small molecule transformation. Alison has been involved in UO’s SPICE program to spread the knowledge of science to elementary students and recently joined UO’s CMiS organization as treasurer to support the formation of communities for minorities in STEM. Outside of science, Alison enjoys drawing, reading in her hammock, and soaking up the endless, majestic scenery that PNW outdoors has to offer.


Allison_V_photoAllison V. is a 2nd year graduate student in the Cook Lab. Her research focuses on investigating the use of iron-sulfur clusters as catalysts for the reduction of carbon dioxide. Outside of science, she enjoys art and photography, going to concerts, and spending time with her cat.


Grace_photoGrace is a 2nd year graduate student in the Boettcher Lab. She focuses on better understanding the fundamental chemistry of water electrolysis catalysts to help address a variety of barriers in green energy storage. At UO she is also involved in MadDuck Science Friday’s. Outside of lab Grace also loves dancing, reading murder mysteries, and traveling.