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The S3C Lab is a place of research and teaching focused on the use of computational and experimental methods for investigating human interactions, behavior, and decision-making with and within natural and built environments.

Listed are selected current and past projects in S3C

  • National Accessible DataBase
    Amy Lobben, W. Andrew Marcus, Nick Perdue, Shiloh Dietz, Antoine Nzeyimana.  While municipalities’ geospatial databases likely include ADA mandated features, there are many other environmental features (i.e. slope, surface material, sidewalk obstructions…) that represent barriers or facilitators to accessible navigation for people with disabilities.  These features are largely not included in municipalities’ geospatial databases.  In…
  • Fill symbol sampler
    DuckMaps - Accessible Maps and Mapping
    Amy Lobben, W. Andrew Marcus, Arielle Alferez, Loden Donahoo.  Building on 15 years of accessible mapping research in our lab, we are now providing a free tactile mapping service to individuals and non-profit organizations who need accessible maps.  Our production methods include 3D signage-style as well as tactile image enhancer.  If you or your organization…
  • Behavioral and Neurological Correlates of Geospatial Thinking
    Amy Lobben, Megen Brittell, and Bill Limpisathian.  In this neurogeography research project, we are using traditional behavioral methods as well as fMRI to identify relationships between geospatial thinking tasks (i.e. density, spatial pattern, boundary,…) by comparing brain activation between and within tasks.  Specifically, we are investigating the extent to which information processing systems – dorsal…
  • Speakers, keyboard, and tablet with stylus
    Auditory GIS
    Much of the work in GIS interface development assumes that the user will perceive the display through vision. As a powerful tool across many applied fields, however, the target user group for GIS software should also include users who are blind or low vision. We developed an auditory GIS to serve two roles: a product…

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