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S3C x ICC2019

Members of S3C were in attendance at this year’s International Cartography Conference held in Tokyo between July 16th-20th.

  • Dr. Amy Lobben and Bill Limpisathian presented their research titled “Representations of Place in the Human Brain,” co-authored with S3C alum Dr. Megan Lawrence
  • Bill Limpisathian and Dr. W. Andrew Marcus, as members of the InfoGraphics Lab, also presented a poster about the work that is being done on the 2nd edition of the Atlas of Yellowstone, co-authored with other members of the InfoGraphics Lab and Yellowstone National Park.
    • Recently published “Atlas of Wildlife Migration,” produced by the InfoGraphics Lab was also selected as one of the official atlases of US delegation to the ICC.
  • Dr. Carolyn Fish presented her research titled “Emotional responses to climate change map framing using facial emotion recognition technology,” co-authored with Dr. Amy Griffin.
  • Dr. Carolyn Fish and Bill Limpisathian also were individually awarded the International Cartography Association (ICA) Scholarship
  • Dr. Carolyn Fish and Bill Limpisathian additionally were part of the official US delegation to the ICC.

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