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Welcome to S3C

The Spatial Cognition, Computation, and Complexity Laboratory is located in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon. The S3C Lab is a place of research and teaching focused on the use of computational and experimental methods for investigating human interactions, behavior, and decision-making with and within natural and built environments. Faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students participate in collaborative research projects aimed at understanding these complex geographic phenomena through cutting-edge scientific methods that include emergent geospatial technologies, computational modeling, and neuroimaging. The S3C Lab also hosts workshops on the use of geospatial technologies, complexity, and computational models for understanding our world.

Recent Updates

  • S3C Welcomes Visiting Fulbright Junior Research Scholar
    S3C is excited to welcome Jakub "Kuba" Wabiński as a visiting scholar to the lab as part of his Fulbright Junior Research Award. During his 6-months stay at University of Oregon he will be investigating the relation between cartographic signs used on tactile maps and the information value these maps present.
  • Henry Luan awarded Data Science Initiative seed grant
    Assistant Professor Henry Luan was recently awarded the seed grant through the Data Science Initiative’s Seed Funding Program at UO (read about here at Around the O). Luan and his PhD student, Insang Song, along with two professors from Yale University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively, will investigate how the newly diagnosed HIV cases and…
  • S3C Welcomes New Grad Students
    S3C is excited to welcome 3 new graduate students. Nathaniel Douglass will be pursuing a Master's Degree and will be advised by Dr. Carolyn Fish. Before joining the department he was previously cartographer at Apple. Michala Garrison will be pursuing a Master's Degree and will be advised by Dr. Carolyn Fish. Before joining the department,…
  • S3C x ICC2019
    Members of S3C were in attendance at this year's International Cartography Conference held in Tokyo between July 16th-20th. Dr. Amy Lobben and Bill Limpisathian presented their research titled "Representations of Place in the Human Brain," co-authored with S3C alum Dr. Megan Lawrence Presentation Extended Abstract Bill Limpisathian and Dr. W. Andrew Marcus, as members of…

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