Lexicon Post Week 6

Risk: When it comes to what we do, risk taking is a valuable skill to have. It makes you be bold when it comes to marketing strategies, and allows you to come up with more impacting and innovative artistic ideas that attract the audience in distinct ways. As we mentioned yesterday, everything has pretty much been done before, and it is those risks that we take that will make our work feel fresh, new, and outstanding.

Values: It is tough to keep your ethics in line whenever you’re dealing with money, but it is highly necessary to really stick to moral principles if you want to be absolutely transparent with people. Specially in a field where you constantly have to be working within teams values should be respected, for whatever your decisions show will affect your peers opinions of you and their likelihood to work with you in the future again or their moral peace to recommend you to others in the field.

Experience: As much as experience gives us great events to learn from, it also gives us a history of failures that we must try not to commit again. So experience is something that we should always use on our favor, build on the strengths we have developed while correcting and leaving aside those things we haven’t been able to achieve.

Exploit: Whenever a job is well done and its purpose is successful. We need to keep track of those successes, celebrate them, reuse their ideas, and perfect them in future occasions.

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