Strathmore: Media Inventory

The Music Center at Strathmore is an arts organization in Maryland that prioritizes providing diverse and accessible entertainment for the neighbors of their locality. It was founded in 1981 by the Strathmore Hall Foundation Inc., an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Their performances include a large variety of styles and programs, and also use the Mansion at Strathmore where they host a tea room and different art exhibitions.

Website: the Strathmore has a very thorough website where you can find details about their calendar, facilities and operation system. Their gallery of past events archives and pictures is quite extensive. They offer:

-Season subscriptions

-Group sales

-Gift certificates

-Email List

Something unique they have is that, their seasonal subscriptions are customizable which I thought was pretty cool and smart; this way the audience can attend from a variety of kinds of events, not just one genre.

Facebook: The first page that came up when I looked them up on Facebook is a page that seems to have be used, but there hasn’t been any update since June and they don’t even have a profile picture in it.

Twitter: to my surprise, they use their Twitter account quite regularly. There are consistent posts about every other day. The posts are of candid and improvisatory fashion which I think it’s very smart to connect with the social media crowd.

Flickr: Their flickr account has all sorts of picture of the building, events, and people; the resources of said pictures are both part of the organization as well as audience members.

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