Lexicon Post Week 4

persuasion: In terms of marketing, persuasion is a key instrument. In order to do it properly we need to know both the strengths of our product as well as the psychology to reach the consumer. For instance, persuading the audience successfully requires a high level of intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity that not any person posses. A certain level of manipulation comes with the territory, but the best kind of persuasion happens when you do not need to exaggerate your skills in order to convince the consumer.

visibility: In order to make an image visible, you don’t only need to make sure that it has a good size and vibrant colors, but also that the image as well as the writing is clear and easily understood. Proper visibility would require this image to be distributed in crucial and popular spots so the audience finds then specially when they’re not intentionally looking for them.

need: Easiest way to get somebody to buy your product: offer them something they need. And if they don’t need it, transform it into something they want, therefore they think they need it. Use the persuasion skills we first talked about above to prove to your audience they need what you’re selling them.

incentive: If you find no way to transform your product into something your audience needs in their eyes, then put an incentive next to it. Make them get an “extra” item while they acquire the actual thing you’re attempting they buy from you.

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