When I tried recalling logos related to performing arts, I couldn’t think of anything. So I made it a point to find at least a couple and these two are pretty cool ones:

This performing arts center opened two years ago and has provoked a revival of the performing arts in Kansas City, therefore it is extremely important for the area. What is interesting about this logo is that if you have observed the building, you know this drawing is a pretty good portrayal. This is what the building looks like:

The lines obviously resemble the building, but just a little extract of the form was necessary to captivate concept.

Another logo that attracted me was the eighth Blackbird logo:

This logo is really simple but it pictures the idea of the ensemble’s name quite well. eighth Blackbird (yes, they make it a point to spell it with small case letters) is an ensemble that has made numerous efforts for the so called “classical” music to be perceived in a different way and I think this logo reflects that purpose.

Lastly, I tried to think of something different, but that I am just as passionate about and the J.R.R. Tolkien logo came to mind. We have seen it in every one of his books, the typography matches our concept of the imagined Middle Earth, and, when we see it, we see his name. Gotta love it!

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