Swagata Goswami

Research Interests: large river morphology and dynamics, alluvial fan processes, flood hazards, morphology-ecology linkages; remote sensing and GIS applications

I am a Ph.D. student in Geography since 2010. My research is focused on the processes that build and shape megafan landscapes, including active tectonics, river erosion, deposition and avulsions. I approach these problems using a combination of remote sensing and GIS. I study large fluvial networks, particularly networks which contain perturbations from excessive aggradation. I aim to characterize drainage basin response to external forces, ultimately with the goal of being able to distinguish differences between stream channel responses caused by constructive forces (active tectonics), destructive forces (glaciation, river erosion, and landsliding) and stream channel responses caused by human intrusion in megafan environments. To accomplish this task, I am working in the geologically unique environment of the Indo-Gangetic plain (part of the active Himalayan foreland basin), drained by several fan and interfan rivers. These river systems are distinctly different from each other in terms of lateral mobility and generate typical alluvial architecture. I completed my M.S in Geography at Presidency University, Kolkata, India in the year 2009. During my M.S, I studied the profile characteristics of the River Chel in India and the morphology of the terraces on its east bank. My recent work has built upon knowledge of fluvial remote sensing and my future objective is to make a data-driven contribution to greater understanding of large rivers which are otherwise difficult to study with traditional field techniques.

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