Pollyanna Lind

I am interested in understanding the relationships between landscapes and the rivers that shape them with an emphasis on informed resource conservation. My dissertation focuses on the sediment budget for bedload material in a mountain river (Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica) and the potential geomorphic impact(s) of climate change and dam development on dynamic tropical river systems. I employ traditional and new field techniques including Structure from Motion topographic surveys and computer modeling.  My MS research at the University of Oregon’s Department of Geography reconstructed a river and floodplain evolution model for the past 10ka years on the Sycan River, Oregon – including channel response to volcanic inputs from the Mount Mazama eruption and a subsequent break-out flood.  It is important to me that my research and work are relevant and applicable to river resource conservation.  I work as a contract scientist with InterFluve, Inc. on projects in the Pacific Northwest focused on salmon habitat and river restoration.

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