Core Faculty/Staff
Mark Fonstad
Andrew Marcus
Patricia McDowell
Aaron Zettler-Mann

Associated Faculty
Patrick Bartlein
Scott Bridgham
Shaul Cohen
Dan Gavin
David Hulse
Alec Murphy
Josh Roering

Graduate Students
Riley Anderson
Jamila Baig
Matthew Goslin
Devin Lea
Eric Levenson
Nicole Merrill
Dion Webster
Dakota Whitman

River Researchers of the Past
Aaron Zettler-Mann – 2019 – PhD – Lateral channel confinement, tributaries, and their impact on channel morphology
Daniel Baldwin – 2018 – Masters – Monitoring Aquatic Habitat Restoration using High-Resolution Multispectral Remote
Swagata Goswami – 2018 – PhD – Geomorphology, hydrology and human-environment interactions of the Kosi megafan in the
Gangetic Plains, India
Syler Behrens – 2018 – Masters – Monitoring water quality in complex wetland ecosystems using remote sensing: a case
study of the Peace-Athabasca Delta
Denielle Perry – 2017 – PhD – The Uneven Geography of River Conservation in the U.S.: Insights from the Application of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act
Sarah Proctor – 2016 – Masters – Fluvial biogeomorphic evolution of the upper South Fork Toutle River, WA after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
Pollyanna Lind – 2016 – PhD – Geomorphology and Sediment Dynamics of a Humid Tropical Montane River, Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica (McDowell)
Christina Appleby – 2016 – Masters – Potential Impacts of Stream Rehabilitation on the lower Long Tom River (McDowell)
Christina Shintani – 2016 – Masters – Comparing Photogrammetric and Spectral Depth Techniques in Extracting Bathymetric Data from a Gravel-Bed River (Fonstad)
Trevor Langston – 2015 – Masters – Spatial Patterns of Sediment Transport in the Upper Willamette River, Oregon (Fonstad)
Jenna Duffin – 2015 – Masters – Effects of Engineered Log Jams on Channel Morphology, Middle Fork of the John Day River, Oregon (McDowell)
Andrew Dutterer – 2015 – Masters – The Limitations of Policy-Level Collaboration: A Meta-Analysis of CALFED
Eli Tome – 2015 – Masters – Examination of Environmental Justice in River Restoration: Willamette River Basin, OR
Helen Beeson – 2014 – Masters – The Influence of Deep-Seated Landslides on Topographic Variability and Salmon Habitat in the Oregon Coast Range, USA (Fonstad)
James Dietrich – 2014 – PhD – Applications of Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry to Fluvial Geomorphology (Fonstad)
Sarah Praskiewicz – 2014 – PhD – A Hierarchical Modeling Approach to Simulating the Geomorphic Response of River Systems to Climate Change (Bartlein)
Jane Atha – 2013 – PhD – Fluvial Wood Presence and Dynamics over a Thirty Year Interval in Forested Watersheds (Fonstad)
Adriana (Didi) Martinez – 2013 – PhD – The Geomorphic Effects of Native and Invasive Riparian Vegetation: Sprague River, Oregon (McDowell)
Amanda L. Reinholtz – 2012 — Masters — Reforestation, Water Yield, and Management of Micro-Watersheds in Central America (Marcus)
Jennifer Kusler – 2012 – Masters – A 7500-Year Paleolimnological Record of Environmental Change and Salmon Abundance in the Oregon Coast Range (Gavin)
Stephanie Michelson-Correa – 2011 – Masters — Geomorphic Response to Restoration and Disturbance: Grazing, Fire, and Flooding on the Middle Fork John Day River, OR (McDowell)
Jessica Phelps – 2011 – Masters — The Geomorphic Legacy of Splash Dams in the Southern Oregon Coast Range (Marcus)
Christine Rasmussen – 2011 – PhD – Geomorphology, Hydrology and Biology of Floodplain Vegetation in the Sprague Basin, OR: History and Potential for Natural Recovery (McDowell)
Denise S. Tu – 2011 – Masters – Assessment of Methods for Monitoring Responses to River Restoration: Riverbed and Channel Form Changes (McDowell)
Suzanne Walther – 2011 – PhD — The Relative Impacts of a Run-of-River Dam and Two Diversion Canals (Marcus)
Paul Blanton – 2010 – PhD — The Distribution and Impact of Roads and Railroads on the River Landscapes of the Conterminous United States (Marcus)
John T. English – 2009 – Masters — Effectiveness of Extracting Water Surface Slopes From LiDAR Data Within the Active Channel: Sandy River, Oregon, USA (Marcus)
Michael L. Hughes – 2008 – PhD – Channel change of the Upper Umatilla River During and Between Flood Periods: Variability and Ecological Implications (McDowell)
Eve Vogel – 2007 – PhD – The Columbia River’s Region: Politics, Place and Environment in the Pacific Northwest, 1933-Present (Murphy)
Kate T. Metzger – 2006 – Masters — A Geomorphic Assessment of Reference and Managed Stream Channel Conditions in Two Ecological Regions on the Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia (McDowell)
Eric A. Sproles – 2006 – Masters — Integrating Hydraulic and Geomorphic Processes in River Restoration (Marcus)
Erik Strandhagen – 2005 – Masters — Views of the Rivers: Representing Streamflow of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Marcus)
Lorin C. Groshong – 2004 – Masters — Mapping Riparian Vegetation Change in Yellowstone’s Northern Range Using High Spatial Resolution Imagery (Marcus)
Jeff Bandow – 2003 – Masters – Holocene Alluvial History of the Middle Fork John Day River, Oregon (McDowell)
Suzanne C. Fouty – 2003 — PhD — Stream Channel Response to Changes in Cattle and Elk Grazing Pressure and Beaver Activity (McDowell)
John K. Green – 2003 – Masters — Influence of Debris Flow Deposits on Small Stream Channel Morphology in the Oregon Coast Range (McDowell)
Andrew D. Mowry – 2003 – Masters – Processes and Controls of Stream-channel Adjustment to Cattle Exclosures in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon (McDowell)
Jeffrey N. Peters – 2001 – Masters – Spatial Variability and Controls of Bank Instability in a Semi-arid Drainage Basin in Southeastern Utah (McDowell)
Coleen A. Fox – 2000 – PhD – Flexible Sovereignty and the Politics of Hydro-Development in the Mekong River Basin (Murphy)
Jennifer Pierce – 2000 – Masters – The Effects of Dredge Mining on Channel Adjustment: Granite Creek, Eastern Oregon (McDowell)
Cynthia H. Taylor – 2000 – Masters – Evaluation of Stream Habitat Enhancement Projects in the Umatilla National Forest, northeast Oregon and southeast Washington (McDowell)
Yoo Jeong Hwang – 1998 – PhD – Forest Land Disturbance and Geomorphological Effects in Korea (McDowell)
Steven Jett – 1998 – Masters – Alluvial Fan Development in a Confined Montane Valley, Middle Fork John Day River, Eastern Oregon (McDowell)
Karen A. Lewotsky – 1998 – PhD — Culture, Law, and Nature in the Deschutes River Basin: A Place-Based Framework for Understanding the Legal Structuring of Landscapes (Murphy)
Andres Ferraté – 1997 – Masters – Development Collides: Hydroelectric Power and Commercial Whitewater Rafting on the Rio Reventazon, Costa Rica (Cohen)
Nicholas P. Kohler – 1997 – Masters – Legal Boundaries, Human Disturbance and Landscape Change in the Middle McKenzie River Valley, Oregon (Murphy)
Andrew W. Lamb – 1996 – Masters – Geomorphic Conditions in Salmonid-Supporting Streams: Umatilla National Forest, Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington (McDowell)
Andrew G. McIntire – 1996 – Masters – Changes in Stream Channel Characteristics Associated with Riparian Cattle Exclosures: Aerial Photograph Analysis of Three Streams in Eastern Oregon (McDowell)
Karin E. Welcher – 1993 – Masters – Holocene Channel Changes of Camp Creek: an Arroyo in Eastern Oregon (McDowell)
Geoffrey L. Buckley – 1992 – Masters – Desertification of the Camp Creek Drainage in Central Oregon, 1826 – 1905 (Cook)
Baerbel Moeller – 1990 – Masters – Stream Capture in the Central Oregon Coast Range and its Relationship to Tectonic and Structural Geology (McDowell)
Rosalyn McKeown – 1986 – PhD – Regional Variation of Streamflow Distributions in Tennessee (Patton)
Elizabeth L. Keeler – 1985 – Masters – Willamette Valley River Towns and Steamboats (Urquhart)
Michael A. Groesch – 1982 – Masters – Landforms of the McKenzie River Basin (Mrowka)
Joseph J. Feiereisen – 1981 – PhD – Geomorphology, Alluvial Stratigraphy, and Sediments: Lower Siuslaw and Alsea River Valleys, Oregon (Johannsen)
Richard A. Grassetti – 1981 – Masters – Endangered Landscapes of the Stanislaus River: A Non-traditional Approach to the Assessment of Wild and Scenic Rivers (Mrowka)
David H. Hickcox – 1979 – PhD – Water and Energy Resource Development in the Tongue River Basin, Southeastern Montana (Price)
Keith M. Carr – 1978 – Masters – Changing Environmental Perceptions, Attitudes, and Values in Oregon’s Willamette Valley: 1800 to 1978 (Smith)
Ryan V. Anderson – 1974 – Masters – Flooding and Settlement in the Upper Willamette Valley (Donley)
Michael W. Donley – 1971 – PhD – The Pumice Landscape of Guatemala: A Study of Basin Morphology and Landform in the Upland Tropics (Loy)
Eugene A. Hoerauf – 1969 – Masters – Willamette River: River Lands and River Boundaries (Loy)
David L. Smith – 1966 – PhD – First Order Drainage Basin Morphology in a Portion of the Sierra Nevada, California (Urquhart)
Theodore M. Rarick – 1962 – Masters – Changing Landscapes in the McKenzie Valley, Oregon (Martin)

Former Associated Faculty
Stan Cook
Michael Donley
Carl Johannsen
Bill Loy
Gene Martin
Katie Meehan
Jack Mrowka
Clyde Patton
Ed Price
Everett Smith
Al Urquhart

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