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The University of Oregon River Research Group page is now under construction

Greetings everyone, Mark Fonstad here. Over the next days and weeks I will be building up the functionality of the group’s web site and adding content to it. Please let me know if you have ideas for improving the design and content of this site. My initial plans are to building in menus for different pages, such as one for all the various people that have passed through the group’s doors. I’d also like to add general information about the group and its activities so that we can use it for promotion. Finally, I’ll be looking for some very short (like one paragraph + one picture) blurbs from group member’s research travels so that we can get some recent activities up and visible. My ultimate goal for this site is that it will become something that I alone am not directly in charge of, but rather it is a place where group members can themselves come to add or modify information as time passes.