Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium 2019

On October 11 – 13, the 50th Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium was held at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. It’s theme was “The BGS: 50 years of Enhancing Geomorphology”. Given the historic anniversary, there were many different speakers with various topics but with the theme of “looking back and looking forward”. Speakers many geomorphologists such as Vic Baker, Ellen Wohl, Andrew Goudie, Dick Marston, Janet Hooke, and Heather Viles. UO River Group member Mark Fonstad spoke on the topic of “The Camera and the Geomorphologist”. The meeting was complemented with a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Link:

NSF funds “Next-Generation Riverscape Mapping and Monitoring”

The NSF-EAGER program has recently funded the project “Next-Generation Riverscape Mapping and Monitoring” for $300,000. This project is lead by Co-PI Mark Fonstad and River Group alumnus James Dietrch (UNI), and is being primarily managed by postdoctoral scholar Aaron Zettler-Mann. The goals of the project are to develop and test new river monitoring and mapping approaches that can map riverwide variables at high resolution with open or off-the-shelf tools at relatively low cost and reduced labor. The project is focusing on instrument suites on two different platforms — our research cataraft as well as a new open-source drone boat that can be operated by remote control or can be pulled behind another boat.