A year in review

The river group has had a busy past year, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it given our absence in posting about it! Below we highlight some of the most major achievements and trips over the past year.

Pat McDowell receives Melvin G. Marcus Distinguished Career Award at AAG 2018

Our own Pat McDowell was awarded theĀ  Melvin G. Marcus Distinguished Career Award from the Geomorphology Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers at the 2018 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. See the story from UO geography at this link:

Dr. McDowell received Melvin G. Marcus Distinguished Career Award at AAG

River Group McKenzie River Geomorphology Trip in Fall 2018

Many members of our river group took a weekend driving up and down the McKenzie River valley and its tributaries to discuss the geomorphology of the western cascades and view stage 0 river restoration efforts on tributaries such as Deer Creek.

Swagata Goswami defends Ph.D. dissertation in winter 2019

Swagata returned to Eugene after working remotely the last couple years to defend her dissertation regarding the hydrological and geomorphological impacts of infrastructure built on mega alluvial fans in India. Congratulations, Dr. Goswami!

Strong River Group Showing at River Restoration Northwest 2019

Several river group members attended the 2019 annual River Restoration Northwest conference inĀ Stevenson, WA. Both present river group member Aaron Zettler-Mann and alumni Polly Lind shared their research related to river restoration theory and practice.