UO river group well represented at AAG 2016


Past and present River Rats were well represented at the Annual American Association of Geographers Meeting in San Francisco a couple weeks ago (March 29th – April 2nd). Present members Mark Fonstad, Pat McDowell, Pollyanna Lind, Matthew Goslin, and Devin Lea were joined by past members Didi Martinez, James Dietrich, Suzanne Walther, Sarah Praskievicz, Helen Beeson, and Denise Tu. Many of these individuals presented papers or posters, a sampling of which are provided here:

Mark Fonstad – Remote Sensing of River Discharge, Depth, and Velocity from Standing Wave Trains

Pollyanna Lind – Bedload Transport and Connectivity in a Steep Montane Tropical River – Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica

Matthew Goslin – Modeling Species Distributions of Carex Nudata, a Riparian Sedge Associated with Hydrological Variables within River Basins

Devin Lea – Channel migration and hazard vulnerability management in the Anthropocene

Didi Martinez – Sensitivity of Modeled Channel Hydraulic Variables to Invasive and Native Riparian Vegetation

Sarah Praskievicz – Satellite-Derived Local Topographic Lapse Rates of Precipitation for Use in Downscaling Climate-Model Output in Remote Mountainous Regions

James Dietrich – Detecting Fluvial Wood in Forested Watersheds Using LiDAR Data

Suzanne Walther – Flash flooding in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah: Quantifying Geomorphic Change on Pleasant Creek

San Francisco gave ample opportunity for past and present River Rats to (re)unite, and we look forward to another strong group attending AAG 2017 in Boston!

Picture: Pat Bartlein, Pat McDowell, Mark Fonstad, Didi Martinez, Suzanne Walther, Sarah Praskievicz, James Dietrich, Denise Hu, and Polly Lind (from left to right) at AAG 2016